Elden Ring Streamer Plays Game with Just her Brain

Like something out of a science fiction scene, Twitch streamer Perrikaryal played Elden ring on a recent live stream without the use of her hands. How can she possibly do this? This was the question everybody watching wanted to ask.

Through the means of an electroencephalogram (EEG Device), she was able to control the actions of her character. The streamer claims to have linked brain activity to specific key binds allowing her to control the game using her mind.

While playing, you can hear the Twitch streamer perform certain moves while speaking out the action she wants to perform, such as “heal” and “attack”.  Then impressively, after a minor delay, her character would carry out the demand. Many who were not familiar with the technology were left questioning its legitimacy.

It certainly impressed all of us in the office, and as you can see from this tweet below, people’s minds were blown by what they were seeing and naturally, witnessing such action created a lot of questions.

EEG Has Been Around for Decades

According to Perri, what she is doing isn’t that groundbreaking since it has been possible to do this for three decades! In fact, she suggests that it isn’t even that hard to do. If that’s the case, I am sure all of us will be tempted to give this a try soon, as it looks revolutionary. She believes she is simply bringing to the publics attention the possibilities that EEG has to offer.

“It’s not that crazy, it’s really easy to do. And it’s been done since 1988, It’s not necessarily anything new that I’m doing, I’m just not sure that it’s very well known.”

How Advanced is EEG?

According to PHD scientists who are familiar with EEG being used for gaming, this technology is very well advanced but is not yet as effective as making decisions manually. According to one scientist, it can be considered about 60% as effective as playing the game manually. This, of course, still involves a relationship between your brain and an eventual action from the players, but for effective players, this process can be a fraction of a second which makes all the difference.

In other words, playing the game with this technology does not give any player an advantage, but that really isn’t the point here, for the time being at least. I am sure Perrikaryal was going for the wow factor, and going by all the comments and reactions to this video suggests that this is exactly what she has achieved.

EEG is used by medical professionals to help diagnose and monitor conditions affecting the brain. The EEG test is often associated with epilepsy. It can also be used to investigate dementia and head injuries. I for one can imagine a black mirror scenario where controls are obsolete and streamers of the future are using cutting-edge EEG.