Ninja Begins Live Streaming Journey on Kick

For a considerable time, Twitch has dominated the streaming landscape and has been the go-to platform for content creators who stream a part of their daily lives for the benefit of their followers. The tides are, however, shifting for Twitch as we are witnessing a growing number of popular streamers switching to alternative platforms.

Ninja is among the most popular streamers who have decided to switch to a different platform for streaming. Kick is swiftly gaining traction and positioning itself as a strong competitor for Twitch and will be looking to break their monopoly. Some would argue they have already gone a long way to achieving this.

Who is Ninja?

Ninja rose to fame as a streamer in the past decade thanks to his gaming skills and likable personality on the internet. People from all around the world were captivated by his entertaining Fortnite streams, particularly enjoying his commentary.

Ninja broke many Twitch records at his peak and has established himself as one of the top streamers on social media. Many streamers have made a name for themselves in different niches since Ninja came to the mainstream, but he has remained popular, which is a testament to his standard of content.

Ninja’s Kick Debut

While Ninja has predominantly featured on Twitch, fans were thrilled to hear that he will be joining Kick. On June 9th, Ninja revealed in a tweet that he will be going live on both Kick and YouTube. This tweet came shortly after he had a one-hour livestream session on Twitch. Ninja has used several other streaming platforms before, but this will be his first time on Kick, and fans are excited to see what the future holds for him there.

Kick were quick to respond to Ninja by tweeting “Big Moves” as a reply to his tweet. This announcement did not really come as a shock to Ninja’s fans, as he had previously discussed his belief in the platform’s potential to be a success.

Ninja’s Possible Reason for This Move

Twitch has made several policy changes in recent times, and this could possibly be one of the reasons why many streamers like Ninja are looking for alternatives. Their recent policy regarding advertising during broadcasts could have been a reason for his dissatisfaction.

Although Twitch did reverse its stance on that policy, they have made several other controversial decisions in the past leading many streamers to question their future on the platform.

Reaction to Ninja’s Announcement

People were quick to voice their opinions on Ninja’s decision, and his tweet at the time of writing has 8,000 likes. Many followers supported this decision and even expressed their criticism of Twitch’s recent policy changes.

It is still uncertain how often Ninja will use this platform, but Kick has seen a significant rise in viewership in the first half of 2023. It will be exciting to see Ninja’s impact on Kick; with him joining the platform, even more popular streamers might follow suit. Currently, their roster includes the likes of Adin Ross, Destiny, and Trainwreckstv.