Andrew Tate Detained until Late February by Romanian Authorities

Only this week were we referencing some of the tweets coming from the official account of Andrew Tate.

During these tweets, he made several suggestions that the Romanian authorities would spend all of their time looking for evidence that didn’t exist. According to his narrative, the authorities are desperate to imprison the Tate brothers, and this latest news will not help quash those theories.

You may remember from our previous article that there was the possibility of the retainment period being extended by 30 days, and this has, in fact, been enforced. The brothers were arrested on the 29th of December and are now expected to be detained until the 27th of February. This would result in a period of 60 days and what makes things more extraordinary is that this period could be extended to 180 days. A staggering amount of time when you consider that no guilt has yet been proved.

What could the consequences of this be?

Tate and his brother have a huge social media presence, and it doesn’t take much imagination to think about what this could potentially lead to. On the 15th of January, Andrew Tate fans gathered in Athens demanding the release of the ‘Top G’. This surprised many as there was no connection between Tate and Greece, but this just goes to show the extent of his appeal.

With the help of social media, many fans are demanding their release, and this extension period could result in some call of action for Tate fans all over the world who believe he is being attacked.

Adin Ross can Visit Tate in Jail

Adin Ross, the hugely popular streamer, has gained quite a close relationship with Tate over the last few months, and that relationship appears to be closer than we perhaps imagined. According to one of Tates latest tweets Ross is one of five people who are allowed to visit him in jail, with the other four being family members.

Tate knows the power of Adin Ross’s following, and being able to communicate with him would be a very smart way to make sure people don’t forget about this story.

For those who don’t know, Tate has appeared to take Adin under his wing, and you can certainly see a change in his character in recent months. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I will let you decide, but it does genuinely look like Tate has had a massive influence on Adin’s life, and he appeared very emotional when talking about his arrest on several of his streams

Is the Detainment Period too long?

In the name of justice, it would seem unfair that someone could potentially spend half a year in detainment and, in theory, be completely innocent. Also, when you consider the high-profile nature of this case, one would have to imagine that there would be enough to charge both the brothers now if they were indeed guilty.

I am not making a case for their innocence; I am just saying I expected to see some resolution by now, but it has yet to come. Let’s hope we are reporting on something other than another extension sometime next month, as we are all eager to know the true extent of these allegations.