Wett vs Grace Boxing Match Takes a Wild Turn at Weigh-In

The much-anticipated influencer boxing match between Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace took an unexpected twist leaving many fans in complete shock.

The feud between these two social media stars (using this term loosely) began during a press conference at Misfits Boxing 007 in May 2023 and has since escalated with many heated arguments, all taking place in public view, of course.

As the tension grew, Wett decided to live stream the fight on YouTube, which drew even more attention to the match. However, what was supposed to be an intense battle turned into a series of strange events that eventually lead to the fight being canceled.

From Press Conference to Weigh-In

The animosity between Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace began during a press conference for Misfits Boxing 7. Things got heated, and the two ended up in a physical fight, setting the stage for a grudge match that fans were eager to witness.

Wett Grace
The soaking incident. 

Even though the boxing organization refused to arrange an official fight, Wett took matters into her own hands, pushing for her fight with Grace.

Her plan to live stream the match on YouTube created most of the hype among their respective online followers.

The days leading up to the scheduled fight were filled with tension and drama. During press conferences, Wett pushed Grace to the ground, and at the weigh-ins, they exchanged insults while wearing lingerie.

Wett even poured her drink on Grace, escalating the hostility further between them and boosting anticipation for their face-off.

Prime Soaking Incident

The tension reached its peak during a weigh-in event where Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace stripped down to their lingerie as they prepared to step onto the scales. During the final trash talk, Wett grabbed a bottle of Prime, a hydration drink owned by social media influencers KSI and Logan Paul.

Shockingly, Wett splashed Grace’s bra with the liquid not once but thrice, and the presenter, Wade Plemons, who was caught in the middle, intervened to stop them. The incident left everyone baffled, questioning what had just happened.

Some wondered if it was a planned stunt to generate more publicity for the fight or even for Prime, adding another layer of intrigue to the already intense atmosphere.

The Cancellation of the Fight

During their pre-fight face-off on Sunday, Alexia Grace slammed Astrid Wett through a table which apparently caused an injury to Astrid. The severity of the injury forced the organizers to call off the fight, which left many disappointed.

Various reports emerged about Wett’s injuries and the circumstances surrounding the table slam. Some believed it was a genuine outburst of aggression, while others questioned if it was all part of a carefully staged act to hype the match even further.

Social Media Reactions

After the cancellation, Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace both shared their sides of the story on social media.

Grace showed her frustration on Instagram, accusing Wett of instigating conflicts before the fight, and she also criticized the lack of security during the pre-fight face-off.

She claimed to have suffered injuries to her hip and head from Wett’s actions, expressing her disappointment at the unfair turn of events.

On the other hand, Wett’s supporters defended her actions and criticized those responsible for not providing proper security during the weigh-in and face-off. The social media feud between the influencers and their fan bases added to the drama surrounding the canceled fight.

Will This Fight Ever Go Ahead?

What was meant to be a thrilling and intense boxing showdown between Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace only ended in controversy and disappointment. The weigh-in incident and its aftermath sparked intense discussions on social media, with critics sharing their views on the controversial turn of events.

The cancellation of the match left everyone wondering if these two influencers will ever actually settle their differences in a legitimate boxing match or if the saga will continue building hype on social media without a conclusion.