Kick Streamer Mugged During IRL Livestream

Kick Streamer Mugged During IRL Livestream – An unknown woman was seen following a Twitch streamer during an IRL stream in South Africa.

At first, nothing seemed unusual, but what happened next shocked the streamer and his viewers. The stranger all of a sudden snatched a personal belonging from him and tried to make a run for it before getting caught.

Streamers broadcasting content IRL has evolved into one of the most prominent trends in recent years, which has helped some become the top creators on live streaming platforms.

IRL streaming, or in-real-live streaming, is a form of live streaming where content creators broadcast their daily routines and activities in real time to their viewers.

This can involve completing regular day-to-day tasks or traveling places. That said, unusual circumstances also get caught on camera, namely, this mugging incident.

Kick Streamer Mugged During IRL Livestream

IRL creator KangJoel, who posts his content on Kick, was seen walking around the streets in a group in South Africa.

An unknown person soon came up to him, asking him, as well as the others in the group, for money. Although they constantly asked her to leave, she kept following them around relentlessly for some time.

The group eventually tried to leave in a car, but the stranger entered and sat beside him. She kept begging as the driver of the vehicle told her to go. The woman then snatched the streamer’s tripod and fled out of the car, forcing his friends and the driver to run after her.

Once they caught her, she told them to leave her alone. The group eventually had to let go and leave the tripod behind because it was apparently damaged during the strife.

KangJoel has since resumed his IRL streaming on Kick.

Similar Incidents Experienced by Other Streamers

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a content creator has been robbed while streaming. Some content creators have found themselves to be in life and death scenarios as their viewers watch, and many instances have occurred where streamers have found themselves in less-than-ideal situations.

Nilslegend influencer
Nilslegend streaming slots.

For instance, NilsLegend, a Twitch creator, was robbed earlier this year while streaming CS: GO gameplay.

While playing, a loud banging at his door alerted him, which got louder with time. NilsLegend was forced to get up and check who it was.

After returning to his streaming PC, he indirectly requested his channel moderators, whom he knew personally, to call the police as he was experiencing a robbery.

In another, much older, incident in 2014, DOTA 2 player Nikki “Sajdene” was gunned down by a person wearing all-black attire with a face mask. The burglar then continued to steal items in the room for the next few minutes.

Another streamer who was robbed while streaming is Mr_13ig, whose house was robbed while he was getting arrested for receiving a noise complaint.

However, the robber was arrested later on. Other streamers with similar experiences include Msbandiit, who had three intruders tie her and her husband up before robbing their home, and justketh, who was ambushed by a man on a bike; fortunately, her bag contained nothing valuable.