How Will AI in Online Casinos and iGaming change the world?

AI is going to affect us all, so AI will affect online casinos, too. Since social media platforms were introduced into our lives, they have completely changed the way we communicate.

Given its massive reach and influence, any new development or innovation implemented on social media platforms will undoubtedly affect how we view other industries, including the online casino world. And so it will be with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With this in mind, we started thinking about what the online landscape would look like within a few years. It is easy to overlook how much progress has been made in the casino industry in such a short time, and as casino nerds, we can’t help but wonder what playing a hand of blackjack online might look like in 2050, for example.

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Meanwhile, a topic that is dominating the airwaves at the moment is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Despite being around for a while, AI has suddenly exploded out of nowhere into the public domain, leaving the curious pondering how it could potentially impact different industries.

For the most part, many sectors have responded positively to the trend, with social media openly embracing AI technology. Of course, the casino industry will not be left simply as a casual observer.

In this article, I will explain how AI could affect the future of the casino industry. To do so, I will look at how other sectors look to incorporate AI and how this could be relevant to our industry.

AI’s Central Role in Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are slowly introducing AI to enhance the overall user experience and reap its numerous benefits, such as increased revenue and consumer engagement. Moreover, considering social media’s influence, it is only a matter of time before other industries begin incorporating AI into their operations.

After all, being inherent trendsetters, well-established social media platforms can significantly change how the world goes about things.

Below is how prominent platforms like Facebook and Instagram are incorporating AI into their operations:


Apollo Slots VR Virtual Reality
Will there be virtual slots?

Facebook continues introducing more AI tools to catch up with rising engagement trends. We have witnessed its first projects, including generative AI backgrounds for posts and AI stickers.

Ultimately, it won’t be unexpected to see Meta (the brain behind Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp) integrate more AI-based experiences, including AI quizzes, post prompts, and video creation tools, among other things.

For example, one of Meta’s most prominent generative AI projects this year has been its celebrity-influenced AI chatbots, available across Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Meta also continues integrating more avatar options within its apps, so you can expect the tech giant to incorporate more AI avatar engagement features into Facebook. These include new types of stickers, new animated post options, and even VR interactions.


Instagram has also experienced more engagement by implementing more AI-based recommendations onto its main feed. Consequently, you will continue to see an increasing number of AI highlights in your user experience, in addition to new generative AI creation tools to go together with this ever-growing trend.

Besides suggestions for DM replies and message summaries, it also tests various AI stickers and editing tools.

It is also worth mentioning that Instagram is following in Facebook’s footsteps by implementing more avatars. In keeping with Meta’s long-term plan for promoting the metaverse, the platform is also testing new types of avatar stickers. We can also anticipate the introduction of generative AI avatar animation that suggests response stickers according to your text inputs.

AI in Online Casinos and the iGaming Industry

As AI makes its way into various industries worldwide, it is unsurprising that the iGaming industry is also embracing the technology. The industry is already witnessing the benefits of AI, so it is only a matter of time before it becomes an integral part of the online gambling experience. Below are some possible AI advancements I suspect we will witness in the near future:

Enhancing iGaming Through 3D Avatars

As suggested earlier, since avatars have become a common theme and are relevant to today’s trends (thanks mainly to our friends at Meta), we can see them making their way to the iGaming realm.

Virtual reality glasses oculus
SM will work differently in the future.

Looking into the prospects of the iGaming industry in that respect, it is not far-fetched to imagine the use of 3D avatars that can represent players in online casino games.

As we know, avatars are visual representations of people in digital contexts, and seeing their application in casino games, mainly table games, could add a whole new level of interactivity.

For instance, when playing a poker game, wouldn’t it be interesting if everyone had 3D avatars? This might be a novelty for some, but for others, this could increase the quality of their gaming experience.

Players might want to create an image that suits a character they want to portray or their personality.

AR Glasses Passthrough Tech

Another way AI could impact the iGaming industry is through the use of augmented reality (AR) glasses through technology. Passthrough is a VR headset feature that allows users to view their physical surroundings while wearing a headset.

Although VR and AI are different, they are closely interrelated. People have already begun using VR headsets for various reasons, and experts in the casino industry claim they have the potential to enhance the realism aspect of online gambling.

The appeal of this technology is obvious. For example, when it comes to playing casino games such as roulette. In this context, imagine everyone playing a roulette game with virtual glasses, making it appear like they are playing in an actual casino, standing in front of a roulette table.

Predictive Analytics in iGaming Operations

Predictive analytics is becoming increasingly popular in many sectors, notably social media. As our online activity continues to be tracked and analyzed with the use of AI, these platforms are becoming increasingly adept at predicting our behavior and preferences.

While there are certainly concerns regarding data privacy and security that need to be addressed thoroughly, the potential benefits of this technology are also hard to ignore.

The same is the case with the iGaming industry. Despite privacy concerns, there are several obvious reasons why the iGaming industry could benefit from knowing the gambling habits of their players. It can allow casinos to understand their customers better and tailor their offerings and products to meet their unique preferences.

Additionally, knowing the gambling habits of players can also help operators identify potential problem gambling behaviors and intervene at the appropriate moment.

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AI-Powered Customer Support in Online Casinos

Casino customer support
The support of the past.

Being a consumer of online gambling services myself, this is not a trend I am particularly looking forward to. Still, if AI became super sophisticated, perhaps the frustration players sometimes experience with inadequate customer support may become a thing of the past.

However, my experience with live chat robots in the casino world has not been fantastic until now.

This will most likely appeal to large gambling companies for two primary reasons. Firstly, it will significantly help cut their overall expenses and save them a lot of money.

Secondly, with the possibility of AI becoming highly efficient, it could dramatically reduce human error. Eventually, it could remove the need to train staff in casino practices.

Interestingly, many gambling companies have already embraced AI to manage their customer services better. With that in consideration, the use of AI in the customer support department is expected to only increase in the next few years.

AI In Online Casinos – Conclusion

AI is undoubtedly making waves in our everyday lives, and despite its possible drawbacks, there is no denying that it has brought about significant advancements. The iGaming industry’s relationship with AI reaches from the potential use of 3D avatars to applications in customer support.

This ever-evolving technology can bring new levels of interactivity and personalization to the online gambling experience and much more.

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