Two New Blackjack Promotions You Need to Know

With more than 3 million EUR/USD in the pot, you really shouldn’t miss out on these great new Blackjack promotions.

Everybody like to play slots, but slots aren’t everything. Many online casinos offer great promotions for Blackjack, but the players miss out because they just keep spinning.

Today, we’re showing you four great promotions for classic casino games at Casombie casino.

Up to €30 per day with Gold Blackjack

Blackjack promotion Casombie

The best bonuses are those with no strings attached, and this is one of them. Sit down and play at any of these Casombie Blackjack tables:

Gold Saloon Blackjack 1-5, Gold Saloon Freebet Blackjack and Gold Saloon VIP.

Just play a few hands, and you’re already taking part in the promotion. Every time your first two cards are kings or queens – KK, QQ, KQ – your account will be credited with €10 for free.

That’s it! Nothing else you need to do. And the best thing is, you can do this up to three times a day! Hit me, dealer!

Click on the image on the right!

Over 3 million Euro/USD Prize Pool in the Blackjack League

This promotion is running until the last day of June, so make sure you join in time. Luckily, you can join any time and win every day.

Over the course of 270+ Blackjack tournaments, Casombie will pay out €/$3,185,000 in prizes.

What do you have to do? Play in the tournaments of your choice and win series of hands – the longer your winning streak, the more points you make.

This is how the tournaments play out:

Choose your level – Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Privé – and start winning hands. Independent of the level, the number of points you can win is always the same.

Blackjack promotion Casombie

You’ll get points for every winning hand, but a consecutive streak of 10 or more wins will earn you 10,000(!) points.

Climb to the top of the leaderboard and you can win first prizes of:

  • €200 on Bronze
  • €1000 on Silver
  • €5000 on Gold
  • €10,000 on Privé

As mentioned above, prizes are paid out every day, so you have many chances to boost your bankroll until the end of June.

Click on the images, and we’ll instantly bring you to the Casombie casino. As soon as you are registered, you can take part in the promotions. Casombie casino is one of our trusted partners, and it’s also the casino with the coolest zombie look in cyberspace.

If you haven’t registered yet, Casombie offers you eight different welcome bonus packages to choose from, and there is a perfect welcome bonus for everyone.

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