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Two new Blackjack Promotions you need to know

Get €10 just for hitting a KQ hand or play in the BLackjack leaguue for a 3 million prize pool. The BLackjack league runs across several casinos.

Two New Blackjack Promotions You Need to Know

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Blackjack Card Counting explained

Blackjack Card Counting Explained

If you ever wondered what card counting in Blackjack means, here’s how you do it. Keep in mind that this is not appreciated by casinos, however, it’s not illegal.

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Is evolution gaming blackjack a scam?

Honestly, I never lose as often in black jack as I do on online live casino. Starting to doubt their shuffling.

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Play n Go Blackjack

I can’t shake the suspicion that Play nGo is extremely manipulative. Not only in terms of BoD, no
also with the BJ

Since I’m a lowroller and only make small bets it’s extremely annoying to get ripped off by PlaynGo every damn time
PlaynGo to be deducted

If you bet 3 boxes at the same time, you can be sure the Dealer will start with a 10 and you will get
14, 15,16 as your starting hand
If you increase your bet out of frustration, the dealer immediately gets BJ and you can’t do anything

I have experienced this several times over weeks, it is always the same pattern. In my eyes this is simply
Rip off

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is it easier to win in ocs?

Okay here me out: i am on a quest to find games that actually make lots of dough. Read couple of articles on card counting.. Nowadays they use those little machines to shuflle the cards, i get that. It would be fairly difficult to count then. On the other hand i did not see that in oc blackjack.
Someone tried to count in live blackjack in ocs? I mean no one would notice you counting right?

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Blackjack is my favourite game

I’ve played it for decades all over Europe, it’s easy and fast, an on a good night, you can actually beat the house. I’ve done it many times.
PS: Yes, there might have been more nights when I lost.

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