Responsible Gambling

Our priority at GambleBoost is to improve your overall online casino experience and make it unique. Of course, this does include credible and thoroughly tested online casino providers as well as healthy gambling habits. Consequently, our team’s goal is to provide you with vital information.
Please feel free to reach out for help, contact a gambling addiction help center or make use of monitoring tools if you ever feel like losing control over your gambling habits or have the need to check on your gambling behavior.
Moreover, gambling should only be accessible for players that are of legal age. The respective legal age depends on the legislation situation of the player’s place of residence. Furthermore, credible online casino providers must guarantee proper data and player protection measures.

What is a gambling addiction?

As any other addiction, a gambling addiction is a condition of doing something or in this particular case gambling without the ability of voluntarily stopping although it is harmful to oneself or others or entails negative consequences. These consequences may be of psychological, personal, social, financial or even legal nature.
Many players that are gambling addicted often do not realize their harmful behavior. Consequently, it is better to implement gambling addiction prevention strategies that inform players about their gambling from the get go.

How can I gamble responsibly?

The best method to not become gambling addicted is gambling addiction prevention.
Responsible gambling consists of various aspects, namely:

  • playing in licensed and approved casinos,
  • monitoring one’s personal behavior whilst playing as well as in general,
  • balancing gambling with other interests and activities,
  • prioritizing one’s social and work life over gambling,
  • enjoying gambling as a hobby, not as a source of payment,
  • setting time and monetary limits,
  • considering being obliged to pay,
  • accepting the randomization of gambling,
  • reaching out for help and assistance if needed.

Make use of the different limit settings that are offered by trustworthy online casino providers. There are multiple possibilities of limiting one’s gambling in general:

  • limiting the duration of a session,
  • limiting the amount of deposits over a specific time period,
  • limiting the amount of losses over a specific time period,
  • limiting wagering over a specific time period,
  • limiting the bet sizes over a specific time period,
  • temporarily or permanently self-excluding from online casinos,
  • using apps and systems to monitor one’s gambling behavior,
  • using reality check features for information about one’s gambling session,
  • temporarily or permanently deleting one’s online casino account and notifications,
  • blocking the access to online casinos and online casino content through apps or browser settings.

What are my options in terms of self-help?

As stated in the previous section, one can always limit one’s points of contact with gambling related topics and one’s gambling behavior in general with the help of setting limits, blocking accesses or using special tools.
Moreover, there are many options to join support groups that can be visited in person or even online. It is certainly vital to talk about one’s concerns and problems. It is especially favorable to create a supportive environment in order to have a support system that monitors one’s gambling behavior and mental health journey. Please feel encouraged to open up to professionals, friends, family or partners about your gambling behavior!
Another possibility to get a feeling for one’s current gambling behavior is assessing it with the help of self-assessment tools, like for instance the gamcare self-assessment tool.
Certainly, you can always opt for a voluntary temporary or permanent ban in casinos. This particular strategy to prevent uncontrollable and impulsive gambling sessions should be applied by the user to all casino memberships and accesses simultaneously.

Where can I find help?

Besides local or online support groups there are multiple other options to seek help. There are telephone help lines and live chat services that can be anonymously contacted. Furthermore, counseling, rehabilitation and other forms of therapy and treatment programs can certainly help regarding one’s gambling behavior.