Casino Employee Tips ‘Terror Squad’ – Player Murdered

Casino Employee Tips ‘Terror Squad’ – Player Murdered. In 2019, Ryan Gatzke was fatally shot during the early hours in his home by three gang members known to be part of a local gang dubbed the ‘terror squad.’

This week, the North Battleford Provincial Court in Saskatchewan, Canada, dated April 2021, published a document. According to the filing, it is alleged that members of the gang were tipped off by a casino employee that Gatzke had money in his residence.

According to the document, gang members learned about Gatzke possessing money and drugs. An individual employed at a casino that the victim had visited earlier on the night of the incident tipped them. Before attempting to rob the victim, senior figures within the gang approved the act to the Terror Squad members.

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Casino Employee tips Terror Squad – Robbery Results In Murder

Gatzke and his wife spent the evening of October 2019 in a casino in North Battleford. The senior crown prosecutor claimed that the couple had won some money that night, although she stressed that the sum won wasn’t massive. Regardless, the couple celebrated with dinner and drinks before making their way home.

In the ensuing hours of that night, three men, Melco, Ballantyne, and an undisclosed third gang member, who was 17 years old at the time, invaded Gatzke’s residence.

Gatzke and his wife were in bed. The three individuals took them off guard. These gang members were under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and they were also donning face masks.

Armed with a shotgun, the youngest offender, alongside Ballantyne with a 9mm handgun and Melco with an SKS rifle, confronted the victim. Following a dispute, three gunshots rang out.

Gatzke sustained two gunshot wounds, and a third bullet pierced the bedroom ceiling. Tragically, one of the shots severed a critical artery, resulting in a fatal injury to the victim.

17-Year-Old Killer Said To Have No Remorse

On Monday, the young defendant agreed to be tried as an adult for charges of murder. Prosecutors are pursuing a 10-year prison sentence.

Court filings depict the defendant as someone with a challenging upbringing and afflicted with an antisocial personality disorder. According to the filings, the individual “exhibits no remorse” and remains “deeply involved in the gang, displaying no inclination to change.”

In the previous year, Ballantyne and Melko were sentenced to eight and 12 years in prison, respectively. Both were pleading guilty to manslaughter. Charles McLean, the getaway driver, received a four-year sentence for manslaughter.

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