A Look into Slotegrator’s New Solutions at iGB L!VE 2023

Slotegrator, a prominent software provider and aggregator for casino and sportsbook operators, recently unleashed its latest products at the iGB L!VE 2023 event held in Amsterdam between the 16th and 19th of July.

At the esteemed gaming event, which is held every year and sees thousands of gaming professionals worldwide in attendance, the company unveiled the brand new AI-driven features of its turnkey casino platform.

A New Era for iGaming

ChatGPT AI woman
This might be your new support agent. Image: Ali Newton.

They revealed in a statement that a “new era” in the online gaming industry has begun, with AI-driven solutions becoming increasingly affordable.

The iGaming software and business solutions provider unveils its newest products and innovations at the expo event each year.

This year at the event, the company redirected its focus on the new capabilities of its turnkey casino platform, which were predicated on the outcomes of global market analysis and internal customer research.

According to the software provider, future trends constantly invite speculation within the online gaming industry. Being widely considered an industry trailblazer, Slotegrator has long cleared the path for others to follow.

The previous year, the supplier had predicted that AI would see significant growth in its wake, and these features have now already been implemented into the firm’s solutions.

What do the Upgrades Constitute?

The upgrades showcased by the company include the following:

  • The BI (business intelligence) module has been upgraded to an Artificial BI module. Following this upgrade, it can help operators trace the analytical data required to make tactical decisions and lets them compare their enterprise with competitors operating within the same market. As pointed out by Slotegrator, the tool effectively analyses competitors’ activities and enhances the operator’s entire business plan.
  • Fraud Detection (for accumulating Big Data to mitigate risk) combined with artificial intelligence, as stated by the company, makes it convenient for operators to establish the parameters of what defines possibly fraudulent activity, segregate customers appropriately, and then take the necessary steps to reduce fraud.
  • ChatGPT has effectively been implemented to provide operators with round-the-clock business-related advice. Although the strategy will essentially be up to the operator, ChatGPT’s ability to provide advice can be “invaluable” to the user, as Slotegrator put it.

In addition, Slotegrator introduced a multi-player chat option, described as an efficient employee retention tool that offers insight into and underlines the inherent value of live communication. It also provides networking opportunities and allows for the creation of player communities. This solution will soon also see the implementation of AI functions.

The Company’s Future Plans

Slotegrator has further stated that the above-mentioned features are just part of the first set of innovations they plan to unveil. The company further plans to use artificial intelligence to enhance its platform further.

According to Slotegrator COO Dmytro Taran, the industry standards are subject to constant evolution; therefore, the market cannot afford to keep using older tools. Slotegrator’s participation at the iGB L!ve 2023 event illustrated just that.

Slotegrator saw its beginnings 11 years ago on March 31, 2020. The now leading supplier has evolved from a small start-up to one of the most prominent providers of business solutions in the online gambling industry.