From Vlog Squad Member to Gambling Influencer: Corinna Kopf

Influencer Corinna Kopf, who is famous for being a member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, takes the online gambling world by storm! It seems that there are no limits to her popularity. But how did the well-known influencer become an online casino enthusiast?

The 26-year-old Influencer from Illinois made her internet career debut in David Dobrik’ Vlogs on YouTube in 2015. Despite several affairs and scandals, Kopf has built a loyal fan base, and that with a proven record of success: Only on YouTube Kopf has 1.77 million subscribers and on Instagram she even has over 6.4 million! Alongside her growing popularity as an integral member of the Vlog Squad, Kopf continued her career as a model and her career on OnlyFans. Over a million users like her account.

The new chapter: Gaming

To this date, Corinna, who by the way speaks German fluently, has managed to be successful on several social media platforms, simultaneously. This also holds true for her appearance on the online streaming service Twitch and the service Facebook Gaming. Nowadays, Kopf fully concentrates on live streaming on Twitch. Her favorite game for livestreaming is Fortnite.

From Gaming to Gambling

Aside from streaming online games and Twitch’s Just Chatting format, Corinna added another gaming genre to her repertoire: online casino games. On her channel, fans can watch Corinna play Blackjack and Slots and root for her in the live chat. Since March 2022, Kopf has been successfully streaming for the Duelbits Casino. She even managed to win 250,000 $ with a 50 $ bet in the slot game Floating Dragon. Corinna regularly makes guest appearances as an online casino streamer in popular gambling influencer streams, like for instance Adin Ross’ stream.