Kai Cenat Goal Nullified – Americans ask what Offside is

Kai Cenat took part in a Sidemen Charity Football match on the weekend. When a Kai Cenat goal was nullified, it made American fans ask a fundamental football question.

Football – or soccer – is the most popular sport in the world. The game, for the most part, is pretty simple to understand. Whoever scores the most goals wins.

Even the most casual of observers will get some sense of who the better the team is on the day. However, if you have ever had to describe the offside rule to someone who barely watches the game, you will understand how frustrating it can be to attempt to explain something that you deem so basic.

Kai Cenat and The Sidemen Charity Football Match

referee flag
It’s offside when the ref says it is.

On the weekend, some of the best-known influencers from around the globe traveled to the UK to play in the Sidemen charity football match. The cause was successful in its primary goal to raise millions for charity, as it was streamed out to more than two million people.

The scheduling of this event was on point since it was held during the international break. Therefore, many football fans were looking for extra games to watch.

Earlier in the game, Kai Cenat looked to score a legitimate goal to many viewers. After all, he put the ball in the back of the net. Isn’t that the aim of the game? The effort was, however, ruled offside. This resulted in a dramatic increase in the amount of people searching for the offside rules.

Many comments on the stream just couldn’t comprehend why a seemingly perfect goal would have been disallowed. First, though, let’s distract you by showing you how Cenat planned to celebrate had he scored.

200% Surge in Searches for Offside Rule in the States

According to data from Google Trends, there was a notable increase in searches for “soccer rules” and “offside” following the Sidemen Charity Football Match. The most significant surge was observed in the United States, with searches increasing by nearly 200%.

Despite the arrival of Lionel Messi in Major League Soccer (MLS), soccer’s popularity might be on the rise, but it still ranks relatively low in terms of interest. As a result, many people are curious about how offside goals are determined.

Interestingly, there were substantial spikes in the UK for searches related to “offside rules,” suggesting that many British individuals are not entirely familiar with the offside rule themselves. The Sidemen’s influence clearly played a role in attracting more casual football fans to watch their live football stream.

Other notable moments than the Kai Cenat goal from the game included an intense exchange between IShowSpeed and KSI, where the British YouTuber taunted the younger streamer before skillfully saving his penalty.

Kai Cenat Goal and Game Highlights

Don’t play if you have xQc as your Goalie

The match’s final score was 8-5 in favor of Sidemen FC. Many viewers attributed the All-Star team’s loss to goalkeeper xQc; their criticism is justified. He had a disastrous performance, highlighting why it’s crucial not to choose such an inexperienced goalkeeper, as it’s the one position where you simply cannot hide. Having said that, it is a charity match, so I doubt anyone is too upset.