Why Fake Betting Gurus Need To Be Stopped!

On this website, we recommend reputable online casinos and focus on hot topics in the gambling industry. We value our customer’s time and, above all else, value their safety. There are sites out there that are more than happy to shill a site for a quick buck, but that will never be us.

We, like all responsible people that work within the industry, know that despite gambling being a great source of entertainment for many, we have to be very careful not to promote it in such a manner that can cause harm.

There are many websites out there that claim to be ‘kings of gambling,’ and the vast majority of them are bogus. Since we have been associated with the industry for years, it is incredibly easy for us to realize when someone is scamming their audience, but we appreciate that this is our day job, so we have created a list of red flags to look out for so hopefully none of our readers full for these terrible scams.

Red Flag Number 1: Promise Guaranteed Profits

The small percentage of people who have become successful through the means of gambling constantly stress the importance of bankroll management. This is because they acknowledge that downswings can happen, and even with the most conservative of betting strategies, it is impossible to guarantee a profit.

If you watch the video below by professional sports trader Caan Berry, you will learn how one of the most successful gamblers and owners of Brighton football club made his money. The reason we are sharing this video is that we want to illustrate how the smallest percentage of sharks function. Almost in the shadows. The last thing Tony Bloom and his team want to do is disclose information.

Red Flag Number 2: Flashy Lifestyle on Full Display

If you have no substance to sell, then you need to look for other methods to help persuade your audience that you are widely successful. One way of doing this is by promoting a lavish lifestyle through social media platforms such as Instagram. Through this, it is possible to give the impression that you are widely successful and can promote your image as a betting guru easily.

This video below does an impeccable job of breaking down why these people should be so easy to see through.

Red Flag Number 3: No Track Record or Strategy Implied

“Yeah man, I really thought the 49ers would win, so what I did was bet $100k on them at 4/1, and it bought me this Mercedes, man”.

If you ever see a video where someone says anything similar to this, then please question why he felt so comfortable placing $100k. What percentage of this money represents his bankroll? I imagine that since the odds were at 4/1, there was a huge chance that he would not have won this bet.

On the flip side, if someone is able to provide modest proof of profits as well as being upfront about periods where they have not been so successful, then they are far more likely to be legitimate.

There is a great expression that blows away all of what these fake gurus preach, and that is a simple truth that boring betting is good betting. If you were to bet large sums at odds of 4/1 or higher, you will inevitably go through long periods without making any profit.

Red Flag Number 4: Discounts of Courses that Never End

If you don’t sign up for this course in the next few days, you will never have another chance. I am allowing only 100 more people to enter this course, and then that will be it. These are red flags to all business courses, let alone gambling schemes.

This is all because scammers are ultimately greedy and want your money now! Not after they have come up with an elaborate plan to fool you. They prey on the needy and the vulnerable, so make sure your need for monetary gain is not greater than your sense of judgment.

Why Would They Be Selling A Course?

If you were making so much money from betting. 5x returns, for example, do you have an understanding of how rich you would become over a short period of time? Even from the most modest of bankrolls, if you were to continuously win the vast majority of your bets with some of the returns these fake gurus claim, the money you would make from selling a course would be inconsequential even if it was very successful.

If you had inside information or somehow, despite the sophisticated tech era we are living in, found a loophole, then what are the chances that you would make a youtube video about it?

Some Games Are Unbeatable!

Sports betting and Poker are pretty much the only two games in which, theoretically, players can have an edge. Poker is the obvious one, as you can play against people with less skill or knowledge about the game than you. Sports betting also because, on occasion, you can find odds that are higher than they perhaps should be.

The modern method of making money through sports betting, though, is via the use of sports exchange sites like Betfair, where players can trade the markets not too dissimilar to the stock market.

Games such as roulette though have been proven to be unbeatable in the long run several times over, so please, if you ever see a course claiming that you can have an edge in games like roulette or baccarat, please don’t listen or read another word.

Only Invest In A Course If You Are 100% Certain of Its Legitimacy

If you were to invest in a course, only do so after collecting a vast amount of information that will leave you in no doubt of the legitimacy of the man/organization.

It’s important to do your own research and exercise caution when following the advice of anyone claiming to be a betting expert. Look for verifiable track records of success and consider seeking advice from multiple sources before making any betting decisions.