London, Paris, Roblox: Youtuber buys hat for 150k

One might think that a piece of clothing for 150,000 euros is a designer it piece straight from the catwalk of the latest Fashion Week. Wrong! This story isn’t about designer goods, it’s not even about real goods – We’re talking about a digital hat that a YouTuber got hold of for a whopping 150k a few days ago.

But how does one come up with the idea of ​​wanting to own such a thing at all? If you ask this question to 18-year-old Youtuber Darell Watkins, known on the internet as IShowSpeed, the answer is: Actually, he doesn’t really know either. The whole action was supposed to be a big joke. But this one really backfired. But what exactly happened and what is so special about this hat?

IShowSpeed ​​and its actions acclaimed by many fans

Darren is a celebrated YouTube star with his daring and often reckless actions. With over 16 million subscribers, he is currently one of the fastest growing streamers. This merit was even recognized with a Streamy Award in the Breakout Streamer category. Darren is best known for his gaming content and increasingly for his chaotic actions. Why do we give them the attributes daring, reckless and chaotic? Well, igniting fireworks in his room and thus triggering a fire brigade operation says it all, doesn’t it?

(For all the curious: it starts at 58:30 min.)

So what does Roblox have to do with all of this?

Getting back to the actual story, Darren’s streaming content has long included the game Roblox. For people who don’t know the game: With over 25 million (!) monthly users, this online game is an absolute fan favorite. You play and create your own character, buy items, play mini-games, build virtual worlds, meet other players and interact with them. That’s all we need to know for our story, specifically: buying items and interacting with others. Because that’s exactly what Darren actually had in mind: to exchange ideas with his viewers in the game and present the rarest items.

So far so good, until the streamer stumbled across one of the rarest and most valuable pieces of clothing in the game: the Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora. IShowSpeed ​​jokingly accepted the offer to purchase the item, intending to cancel the deal at the last second, or rather, assuming that such an opportunity in the form of a purchase confirmation would arise sooner or later. Yes, and this is exactly where you can insert the famous CD scratch: In the end, this possibility no longer arose. He finally bought the item for an unbelievable 14 million Robux (currency in Roblox), the equivalent of almost 150,000 euros.

Everyone can probably imagine what followed in the stream afterwards: desperation, bewilderment, anger, freak out, screaming, tearing hair, hitting his head, panic, crying, helplessness, you name it: full freak mode. Judging by the live chat, this reckless action was extremely entertaining for the viewers (which, by the way, were not entirely uninvolved in the streamer’s misery, since they previously instigated him to buy the item). By far the funniest part: The moment when Darren puts his character’s hat on and realizes that the hat doesn’t even remotely match the item picture (and between us it’s pretty ugly). Worse still was the realization that the hat retails for just under 4 million on average. Ouch.

Is there anything positive about this story?

Actually yes. Overpriced or not, the hat remains a limited collectible item, with only 100 items available in the entire game. One could console oneself that it even resembles an NFT – well, at least a little (?). Also, the streamer is free to resell the hat. The only problem is that Roblox keeps about 30% of the sales amount per transaction. Our recommendation: keep the item and hope that it will increase in value at some point. Our honest recommendation: The hat from Fashion Week would probably have been a better investment…