Adin Ross Escorted Out of TwitchCon 2023

Adin Ross escorted out of TwitchCon 2023 – Las Vegas, Nevada, played host to TwitchCon 2023, an annual gathering that celebrates the vibrant world of content creators and their enthusiastic fanbase.

Amid the excitement and festivities, Adin Ross, who I am sure you all know by now, is no stranger to being the center of attention, decided to make a surprise visit. Ross’s daring entrance sparked a series of events that have since ignited controversy within the streaming community. However, we might need some help deciding whose side we are on.

Adin Ross’s Audacious Entry

Adin Ross, who had previously faced a Twitch ban, made the bold or attention-seeking decision to attend the second day of TwitchCon 2023 with his crew, sporting shirts prominently featuring the ‘Kick’ branding. He live-streamed the entire incident on Kick, a decision that raised eyebrows, considering his Twitch ban and the potential consequences of his actions.

In a live-streamed declaration as they entered, the streamer made his intentions clear, stating, “I’m not here to cause problems. I’m here to spread love. I love Twitch. I want to get unbanned. I’m going to ask him (Twitch CEO Dan Clancy) to unban me.”

Adin’s call for peace, quite a familiar one since his most recent interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un went viral.

Security Intervention – From Grand Entrance to Abrupt Exit

Their presence didn’t go unnoticed as security personnel swiftly approached Ross and his group, instructing them to leave the premises. Visibly dumbfounded, he questioned why they were expelled while showing his entry badge. A viral clip on social media captured the streamer and his bodyguard in a heated argument with TwitchCon staff after they were asked to leave.


As they were ushered towards the exit, he sought clarification for the decision, saying, “We’re going to leave because they’ve got cops around here, bro. I’m not going to let you get… can you just tell me what I did? That’s all I want to know, what I did. We’re going to leave. Just, what did I do? That’s all I want to know – what I did.”

TwitchCon staff explained that Adin Ross and his friends were removed from the convention for violating TwitchCon’s code of conduct. They provided no specific details, simply stating that they had to figure it out themselves.

Adin Ross Escorted Out of TwitchCon 2023 – The Aftermath

In a subsequent live update, Adin Ross revealed that several members of his group, including Cheesur, Citrus, CUFFFEM, and ShnaggyHose, had also been indefinitely banned from Twitch.

The 23-year-old acknowledged that his ejection from the event was somewhat anticipated, given his controversial history and ongoing suspension from the Amazon-owned platform. However, he expressed genuine surprise and concern regarding the suspensions imposed on his friends and associates.

The incident has ignited considerable discussion and controversy, with fans and viewers sharing a range of opinions on social media. Supporters of Ross rallied behind him, defending his actions and highlighting the lack of clarity. They suggested that the incident showcased a larger struggle for dominance in the streaming industry.

Even though most would acknowledge Ross was being provocative, others have noted that Twitch are a big enough organization that if they had just let Ross do his thing, this would have been a bigger win for them.

Critics argue that Adin and his crew deserved the consequences and saw the whole thing as nothing more than ensuring headlines were written. Since I am at the very moment penning this article about his actions, there is quite some merit to that argument. I am quite certain his employers at Kick have no issue with the added publicity. Hey, maybe they were even the ones behind it!