Ice Poseidon Pays for Female Escort

Ice Poseidon pays for female escort and Kick Adopts Stricter Guidelines – wonder how these two things are connected?

Kick streamer Ice Poseidon allegedly agreed to pay a stranger $500 to hire a female escort and film the interaction. The shall we say, “arrangement” with the escort was filmed during his livestream, which resulted in the streamer facing a great deal of backlash from his fans. As a result, Kick has promised to adopt changes to their guidelines to prevent such events from occurring in the future.

Ice Poseidon, whose real name is Paul Denino, is a popular Kick streamer known for playing Old School RuneScape. His IRL streams in 2017 largely contributed to him becoming a big internet personality.

The Incident Explained

The disturbing incident occurred on 21 September, when Poseidon reportedly struck a deal with a stranger, asking him to install hidden cameras in the home so the arranged meeting could be filmed. The streamer went live from Australia, and there were reports that claimed he was arrested for his actions, but Poseidon later denied such reports.

These events received a lot of backlash from the online community, with many people calling out the streamer as well as the platform for their morals. Popular Kick streamer MsSavage posted on X, formerly Twitter, stating that she does not stand by this kind of content, and it made her uncomfortable.

Many fans commented on the Tweet, agreeing with her and asking Kick to moderate their content.

Ice Poseidon pays for female escort

Ice Poseidon responded to the negative comments by claiming that the camera wasn’t hidden and that all parties involved knew they were being filmed. In his post, he said that the police “swatted” him, which is a term used to describe a harassment technique that involves someone calling the police under false pretences.

He also informed his followers that the police wrote the incident off as legal and safe. If Ice Poseidon pays for female escort, it shouldn’t be an issue.

His post received mixed comments, with some users supporting his stance, claiming that it was just a bit of fun. Others argued that it violated Kick’s terms of service, with one user addressing him directly, commenting that just because it is legal doesn’t mean he should have done it.

One user also reminded the streamer of the Thailand incident, in which he was arrested for giving a lap dance in a hotel, saying that he hadn’t learned anything from it.

Kick Promises Stricter Enforcement

In response to the backlash, Kick released an official statement on 24 September, saying that the community and public safety cannot be compromised just to make content. In their post, they said that they appreciate the feedback from their users and are continuously working to update their community guidelines and take subsequent enforcement measures.

However, these changes and when they will be implemented remain uncertain.

Fans were not completely satisfied with this statement, believing that the response was insufficient. One user pointed out that one of Kick’s founders was part of the livestream, laughing in the chat as the incident unfolded.

Some users called out Kick’s CEO, Eddie Craven, who hasn’t publicly commented on the incident yet. Craven was also involved in Adin Ross’s fake Kim Jong Un interview, which broke all streaming records for the platform.