IRL Streamer MeesterKeem and Fans Watch A Rock Climber’s Brush with Death

IRL live streaming is known for its unpredictable and thrilling moments, which explains why it continues to be a popular option for both creators and viewers. The fact that all the action is happening in real-time elevates the experiences and excitement, which makes it captivating for everyone involved.

But what happens when you, and a million other users on their screens, witness a near-death experience?

Viewers Watch on in Shock as Man Nearly Falls to his Death

MeesterKeem, a new and highly popular IRL streamer on Twitch, boasts a following of over 30,000 fans. On February 6th, 2023, he took to his social media accounts to announce his first Asia tour.

While the tour will last for at least two months, MeesterKeem’s live streams have already offered impactful events and experiences for both himself and his fans.

MeesterKeem; image: Twitter.

For example, the latest daunting experience he shared was the near-death experience during a temple tour in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Meesterkeem showed his fans the landscape and rocking stone serpents while hiking up the rocky path of Hang Mua Peak.

Although this site is well-known among tourists in Vietnam for its exquisite views and landscapes, the climb proved to be a horrific task for Meesterkeem and one of the tourists.

Near Death Experience

During the climb, one of the tourists nearly fell to his death just a few inches away from the mountain’s edge.

The man was in front of MeesterKeem when he suddenly turned around without paying attention and lost his footing and balance.

This resulted in him tumbling over the edge of the rocky pathway.

Fortunately, the tourist sustained only minor injuries, but the incident left him shaken. This entire scene was captured in a live stream where fans, including MeesterKeem, were left horrified.

MeesterKeem Tour of Asia

MeesterKeem has been caught up in the live-streaming drama in the past. In fact, during his tour of Thailand, he narrowly survived a pickpocket incident while exploring the country’s nightlife.

The thief was caught red-handed during the live stream, and it was clear that the forceful individual was being quite persistent in acquiring Meesterkeem on his journey during the dark hours.

Fortunately, MeesterKeem was able to pick up on the individual’s shady intentions before being robbed completely on his tour. This scene left many of his viewers in disbelief and also questioned Meester Kim’s decision to travel at such late hours.

Despite the unfortunate incidents that MeesterKeem faced during his first Asia tour, we still hope he will continue to have a safe and enjoyable journey. His next stop is South Korea, where he will be until the 21st of March, 2023. Fans are excited about the upcoming stories and stunning images that MeesterKeem will undoubtedly share with them during this leg of his tour.

Be Careful When Streaming!

Travelling to new places can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to remain vigilant and aware of one’s surroundings, especially when exploring unfamiliar areas. With that in mind, we hope this time MeesterKeem prioritises his safety and well-being while exploring new horizons with his fans along the way.