Jake Paul Will Fight Pro Boxer With 10-1 Record

December 15 will see the return of Jake Paul’s boxing career as Jake Paul will fight pro boxer Andre August, a pro boxer with a 10-1 record. The fight will be crucial for Jake Pauls’s boxing ambitions.

Any loss for a boxer is often treated as a disaster, but losing two so early on his career against boxers with not tremendous pedigrees will fly in the face of all the pretense he puts forward.

“Hey, Jake Paul, you need to have higher ambitions and talk more trash,” said no one ever! The YouTuber considers himself a professional boxer. Despite having no amateur career to speak of, he dreams of being World Champion one day.

Claims that have been laughed off in the past by boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, who kept referring to Paul as average, insisting it was a compliment as being average in the world of boxing is not easy. We know it’s old news, but this talk between the two is still funny. Check out the video below.

Jake Paul Recovers From Loss To Tommy Fury

In February, the Youtuber and brother of Logan Paul lost to Tommy Fury, brother of heavyweight superstar Tyson Fury. This resulted in Paul’s ego taking one hell of a hit since he was outboxed in the fight. To casual observers, this might have seemed unpredictable, giving Pauls confidence. The reality is that Fury grew up around boxing and had pro fights when he was younger.

He wasn’t ultimately good enough to make a career out of boxing, but he would have been left embarrassed if a YouTuber came along and was able to get the better out of him.

Since everyone wants a piece of the Pauls, Jake did sign what could only be presumed a very lucrative deal to make his debut in the MMA, but this has yet to happen. Thankfully for him, Paul returned to the ring in August and won his fight against Nate Diaz comfortably.

Although victory was impressive due to normal standards (just look at Nate Diaz), many fans rightly pointed out that it would be challenging to be world champion if you only faced non-boxers and the one time that didn’t happen, you lost!

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Jake Paul’s New Opponent Confirmed: Our Thoughts

Rumors persisted that Paul might be fighting Platinum Mike Perry since he was poised to step in for Dillon Danis. That is, if he could not fight his older brother back in October. However, we have now learned that he will fight Andre August on December 15 in Orlando, Florida.

August has a record of 10-1-1, with five of those wins coming in the form of a knockout. It should be noted, however, that although this record is respectable. Most of the fights have occurred on smaller cards in Texas. Therefore, he hasn’t fought anyone of note yet. Jake Paul Will Fight Pro Boxer August anyway.

Hence why, he is jumping at the chance to have a payday on a Paul boxing card. This really could be an opportunity of a lifetime for him and it would be hard for anyone to deny him this opportunity.

To be completely honest with you, this fight won’t tell us anything about Pauls future boxing career unless he loses, which will all but end his trash talk (one would hope). Either way, he is millions richer from this YouTube boxing fad. So it would be tough to describe him as a loser. If he emerges victorious, he can keep riding this train until one day, his fans say, we are not interested anymore.