Jake Paul Accused of Ducking KSI Fight

Jake Paul, once known for being the brother of Logan and a YouTuber in his own right, has spent these past years trying to convince us not only is he a capable boxer but also capable of winning a world title.

n one very entertaining interview with Eddie Hearn, a renowned boxing promoter, he claimed that he could even beat the great Canelo Alvarez. A claim that we can only imagine he didn’t really believe.

Last month he fought Tommy Fury, brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury after feuding with him for ages. During the fight that took place in the middle east, Fury outboxed the YouTuber and it was clear to see that even though Jake Paul has done very well to get his boxing game to a certain level, there is a glass ceiling and if he couldn’t put Fury away he is unlikely to go on and make a real name for himself as a professional boxer.

Jake Paul Reported to Have Made $30 million From Boxing

Despite the defeat Jake Paul can still consider himself very much a winner. The nature of the boxing industry is not similar to other sports such as soccer or the NFL where people you might not rate or will ultimately not remember can end their careers as millionaires. In boxing you tend to either have to be the best in class or you never make it.

For most boxers they are all chasing that one fight that can rake in enough interest to make all their training and years of dedication worth it. For Jake Paul however, he hasn’t fought anyone of real boxing pedigree yet and has reportenly made over $30 million from his fights. Therefore one has to see this as a form of success although he would rather still be unbeaten I am sure.

KSI Up Next for Jake Paul?

KSI is a youtuber and part of the Sidemen with a massive following. He alone has 24.1 million subscribers at the time of writing. He, although not the first youtuber to fight was certainly part of the biggest youtube fight when he fought Jake Pauls brother Logan. At the time the usual trash talk went back and forth but they have since become very good friends and have come together to promote the drink Prime which has become an absolute sensation.

Jake Paul Vs KSI will without doubt offer both fighters a significant payday but Jake Paul has been accused by KSI of ducking the fight.

 Jake Paul vs KSI boxing
Jake Paul vs KSI.

KSI said in a Twitter Space: “They look like they just want to do the rematch or they want to look for another opponent.

It doesn’t seem like they are keen to fight me any time soon, which is funny because he was the guy who said I was ducking”.

Should Jake Paul Fight KSI?

There are some good reasons why Jake Paul will not want to take this fight.

If we are to give him the benefit of the doubt he might be very determined to avenge his defeat against Tommy Fury and feels that he needs to exercise that ghost first before he can move on.

If he were able to do this he could further convince people of his boxing pedigree.

If you weren’t being so generous though you could accuse him of protecting his reputation.

You can imagine the abuse he might receive if after all of his hyping up he loses to KSI, who is in effect a youtuber after telling everyone for months that he was a serious boxer capable of having title fights down the line.

It looks like this fight will take some time to happen, if at all. Meanwhile Tommy Fury pulled out of this fight many times so only a significant amount of money should tempt him into a rematch.

If Jake Paul has any serious boxing ambitions left though one thing is for sure, he will need to win his next match and do so in a convincing fashion.