This week on Twitch – Asmongold and Pokimane

There is quite a bit of drama at the moment in the world of Twitch.

The platform felt pressured into placing restrictions on gambling streams but did not succumb to the 70/30 revenue split being requested by some of the platform’s most prominent streamers. These recent events have created for now at least, somewhat of a toxic atmosphere within the Twitch community.

Asmongold Says Second Channel is Costing Twitch $150k Per Month

One of the most followed content creators on Twitch, with 3.3 million subscribers, Asmongold also has a second Twitch account which currently has close to one million followers. He gained lots of new followers due to people enjoying his reaction streams to the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. Despite this account doing very nicely and growing substantially day by day the channel still remains unmonetized. Asmongold believes that this is costing Twitch over $150k per month.

Speaking on his channel where he was simultaneously doing some calculations he appeared to be visibly stunned by how much he was costing the platform to stream. He then quipped that he was paying Twitch through exposure. It has yet to be confirmed by anyone at Twitch if his calculations are somewhere close to being accurate.

Pokimane on Twitter
Pokimane. Image: Twitter.

Pokimane Wants Nothing To Do With This Drama

Meanwhile, Pokimane has stated that she is “appalled” by all of this twitch drama and simply  wants nothing to do with it.

She has recently stated that she believed that twitch should ban all gambling advertisements considering the revelations made by Sliker where he admitted to borrowing large sums of money from friends to fuel his gambling addiction.

This in turn led to Corinna Kopf calling her out for what she deemed to be hypocrisy as she believed Pokimane encouraged gambling during some of her Youtube videos in the past.

What the New Twitch Distribution Look Like

The new changes being made are going to hurt the most influential streamers the most. Some streamers already have an agreement in place where they can take home a 70/30 split. Those who do not have this agreement, however, could see quite the change in the profit they will be making.

Since the effects of this only appear to be affecting the most successful and wealthy streamers some critics have stated that any complaints from top streamers shouldn’t be taken so seriously as they are already rich and this is a much better strategy than targeting everyone.

These quotes though by Olli from the canal DoctorFroid though give a very decent rebuttal of these views.

“At 70/30, the streamer is actually left with about $1.50 per sub. […] Of your 4€, there is effectively little more than 1€ left with the streamer for work and life. At 50/50 significantly less. And the “big ones” are the ones who employ staff, have studios, and organize events…”