The UK Gambling Act Review: Second Round of Consultations

The UK Gambling Act Review has the potential to impact the gambling landscape in the UK forever. Such is its complexity that a second round of consultations is now taking place.

These consultations are expected to last up to 12 weeks, with the 21st of February, 2024, being the implied deadline. Considering this review’s delays, we can’t emphasize the word ‘implied’ enough, but nonetheless, we are intrigued to discover what the outcome will be from these consultations.

This round will focus on five topics despite the commission’s executive director of research and policy, Tim Miller, earlier implying that eight topics will be discussed.

Which Gambling Related Issues Will Be Discussed?

The initial Gambling Act Review in the UK was created in 2005. Since then, the gambling landscape has changed drastically. In 2005, placing a bet within seconds through your smartphone, for example, wasn’t possible. Therefore, in 2020, it was seen fit to make amendments to this review to reflect the digital age more accurately.

We have gone through what will be discussed in this round of consultations and have come up with the points that have piqued our interest the most.

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Socially responsible incentives, specifically bonuses and free bets

As you will know, casinos love to run promotions primarily to attract potential new players. This review will examine how these casinos can promote their industry with the utmost integrity. Some suggestions indicate that casinos need to be more upfront regarding wagering requirements instead of hiding them in an offer’s terms and conditions. 

Customer-specific tools, which would give customers greater control of their gambling habits, including setting deposit limits

As we have become more aware of addiction and the potential negative consequences gambling can bring for many, the UK government are rightly looking into how they can protect those deemed the most vulnerable.

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Most online casinos in the UK allow players to set deposit limits. Still, this consultation will look into what more can be done to ensure gamblers are more likely to bet within their means.

Increasing the transparency of customer funds

The Football Index was a popular gambling platform in the UK that modeled itself on the stock market. To give a concise summary, bettors could purchase shares in a player, and the more others did so, the more the share price increased. This looked like a genius concept until the gambling company went into liquidation and gambler funds were tragically not protected. Thankfully, the UK Government thinks this should be a thing of the past.

UK Gambling Act Review – Protecting UK Gamblers

Despite many UK sportsbooks/casinos being up in arms about this Gambling Act Review, the apparent motive shouldn’t be that controversial. To protect those most vulnerable.

Tim Miller had this to say. “The white paper set out that a top government priority is ensuring that gambling happens safely. We share this commitment and today’s consultations propose how we can deliver on it. We need as many people as possible to have their say on any potential changes to the rules operators must follow. These views will ultimately help shape gambling regulation across the country.”