Asmongold on Twitch Streamers being Censored

Asmongold, one of the most popular streamers, has sparked a discussion online with his comments on Twitch’s ban policies during his stream, shedding light on a controversial issue within the streaming community. His statements have drawn attention to an important subject that has been the topic of debate among content creators and viewers alike.

Twitch’s Ban Policy Debate

According to Asmongold, Twitch should only step in when streamers break the law, and the platform should not be enforcing game-specific terms of service. Asmongold made these comments in response to a recent incident involving TinyViolin69, who faced a ban as he was engaging in harmless in-game fun with his guild in World of Warcraft.

A lot of people agree that it is crucial for platforms like Twitch to enforce rules against violence, sexual content, and hateful behavior, but questions arise when bans are imposed for in-game actions that may not have substantial real-world consequences. According to data from StreamerBans, Twitch has seen an increasing number of bans, causing concern among streamers who are now thinking about moving to other streaming platforms like Kick.

The Need for Censoring Content Creators

Viewers are advocating for more leniency, but it is important to recognize the need for some rules to ensure a safe and inclusive environment. There could be situations where creators might go too far by spreading hate speech, encouraging violence, or engaging in other harmful behavior that could negatively affect the entire community.

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What should be allowed on Twitch?

In such cases, appropriate actions like temporary or permanent bans may be necessary to protect viewers’ well-being and uphold the platform’s reputation.

However, achieving the right balance between allowing creative freedom and preventing harmful content can also be challenging. Content moderation teams are working behind the scenes to face the task of interpreting guidelines and community standards to make fair and consistent decisions.

Striking this balance can be very difficult for these teams, but it is crucial to protect free speech while at the same time stopping the spread of harmful ideologies that could endanger the positive aspects of the streaming community.

Why Platforms Like Twitch Value Censorship

Without censorship, the lines between what is considered acceptable and unacceptable content on a platform might become blurred. Censorship helps set clear guidelines for content, differentiating between appropriate and harmful material.

By enforcing responsible censorship, a company can show its commitment to maintaining a positive and respectful environment for its stakeholders and remove any perception that they are endorsing any controversial content.


Although we recognize the value of free speech and the need to avoid extreme censorship, we also acknowledge that certain situations may deserve a ban. Finding a balance is essential, especially for streaming platforms, where content creators enjoy greater creative freedom than traditional TV networks.

While enforcing guidelines is essential to maintain a safe and inclusive environment, it is equally important to ensure that bans are not applied randomly. By encouraging open communication, transparency, and consistent policy enforcement, streaming platforms can continue to evolve as places that protect users from harmful content.

This will ultimately create an environment that encourages diverse perspectives while respecting the community’s well-being and will strengthen the streaming community by positively impacting viewers and creators.