Popular Dead By Daylight Twitch Streamer and ALS Fighter Puppers Has Sadly Passed Away

The renowned disabled gamer Puppers in his life gained significant recognition within the gaming community and often received praise for his considerable effort in fundraising for individuals with ALS. After a post by the Light in the Fog DBD event group, followers and well-wishers began expressing their condolences on the internet.

In 2020, the streamer received a diagnosis of ALS, which is the most prevalent type of Motor Neuron Disease (MND). ALS affects the brain and nerves, leading to progressive weakness that worsens over time. While there is no known cure for this condition, there are treatments available to mitigate its impact on a person’s daily life. Many in their tributes have highlighted how much Puppers has contributed to them learning about the disease.

Upon receiving the ALS diagnosis, Max’s friends, recognized by their online aliases Eshleee, Sunshine, and Silver, made a significant commitment by relocating across the country to offer him care and support.

Puppers Will Be Remembered for His Positivity

The Twitch streamer from the United States achieved fame by playing the survival game Dead by Daylight, where he gained a reputation for his optimistic demeanor. When he received his diagnosis, the game’s community came together to support him and established the Light in the Fog Foundation, which successfully raised $270k (£216k) to assist with his care.

While others would naturally be quick to dish out sympathy, Puppers always attacked this cruel disease with an attitude that could only be admired. This is one of the many factors as to why he remained popular until his untimely passing. One would hope that his legacy, beyond the joy he brought to many people who watched his streams, would extend to their being more funds contributed to help find a cure for this disease.

Tributes Still Flooding in for the Influential Streamer

As you would expect, tributes are still coming in for this streamer, with the DeadbyDaylight Twitter account writing this message in his honor.

One of his best friends and ultimately caregiver towards the end of his life, Sunshine, also had this to say.

“I will never forget him, and a piece of my heart will remain empty without him, will always remember Max’s laugh and playing Dead by Daylight beside him”.

Eshleee referred to the streamer as “a beacon of positivity”. A theme that continued to be echoed throughout many of the tributes the streamer received.

In light of Puppers’ unforeseen decline in health, the local community has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the expenses associated with funeral arrangements.

Learn More About ALS

ALS, often referred to more commonly as motor neuron disease, is a terrible disease that very few people, including most of us in the office, know nothing about. If you have been inspired to learn more, click here and share with anyone you think might take an interest.