IShowSpeed’s Long-Awaited Encounter with Ronaldo: A Dream Come True

Darren Watkins Jr, commonly known as IShowSpeed, is a popular personality and streamer on the internet, particularly among Generation Z. His rise to fame can be attributed to his humorous video clips, which have not only gone viral but are now also used as meme templates.

While he has had his fair share of controversial moments, they have only contributed to his growing popularity, and as you can see by clicking on the above link, he has over 17 million youtube subscribers.

Ishowspeeds Admiration for Ronaldo

It is no secret that IShowSpeed is a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan, and he even has a tattoo of his idol on his left arm displaying this. Speed has made numerous attempts in the past to meet Ronaldo but encountered strokes of bad luck every time he tried. Speed first attempted to meet the footballing legend in Manchester United’s match versus Aston Villa in November 2022, only for Ronaldo to be left out of the squad due to illness.

The next time he tried was when Portugal faced Morocco in the World Cup Quarter Finals in December, and although Speed did see Cristiano play, the game ended with Ronaldo walking out of the stadium in tears as his team got eliminated.

As Ronaldo shed tears in the dugout, Speed did too in the stands in a sad turn of events. It was improbable that any fan could have met Ronaldo after what had just happened, but Speed’s determination to meet his hero persisted, and he did not stop trying.

The Moment Speed Finally Met Ronaldo

After years of pursuing, the fateful moment finally arrived for IShowSpeed, and with the help of his friend and Cristiano Ronaldo’s international teammate Rafael Leao speed finally met his idol and the wholesome moment was all recorded on video.  Leao stopped Ronaldo’s car as the players were leaving Estadio de Luz in Lisbon, Portugal and moments later, Cristiano Ronaldo came out, leaving IShowSpeed in nearly a state of shock.

Speed was clearly swamped with emotions as he dropped to his knees and showed his Ronaldo tattoo to the icon himself. The two even did the famous “sui” celebration before taking a couple of pictures together.

Cristiano apparently knew that IShowSpeed was going to be in the stadium and told the famous Twitch streamer that his son had informed him that he was going to see Speed there.

The Internet Reacts

The internet went wild with excitement as the news broke of this meetup, and the story has now gone viral. IShowSpeed’s both YouTube and Twitch fans flooded the chat with congratulations and showed support for the streamer.

Adin Ross, another popular streamer, reacted to the video as well and even went as far as saying that IShowSpeed’s influence has played a huge role in making Cristiano Ronaldo even more famous than he already is. Many football fans, however, might not like this statement as Ronaldo is already one of the most, if not the most, followed celebrities on the internet. Speed might have helped introduce him to his young audience, especially in the United States, who do not know a lot about Ronaldo’s achievements.

Overall, this long-awaited encounter will be a defining moment in IShowSpeed’s journey as a live streamer ahead and will leave a lasting impact on both him and his followers.

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