Scuffled Podcast Reveal: Trainwreckstv Announces Drake as first Guest

Scuffled Podcast Reveal: Trainwreckstv Announces Drake as first Guest

After a brief hiatus, Tyler “Trainwreckstv” has revealed that Canadian rapper Drake will be the first guest on the newly revived Scuffled Podcast. Since 2019, the podcast has aired around 150 episodes with guests such as Dream, Asmongold, MrBeast, and xQc, all of whom are prominent streamers and internet figures.

Having Drake on as a visitor would be a major coup for the Twitch celebrity, whose recent relationship with, a subsidiary of Sony, has caused controversy in the streaming community. Prior to this, Drake and Trainwreckstv had worked together on a gambling-themed stream. Plus, they have only recently started streaming on Kick. This raises the possibility that the Scuffed Podcast episode centred on Drake will premiere very soon.’s Potential Influence On The Podcast

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Guests speak in different windows while the host moderates the discussion live on The Scuffled Podcast, which is streamed on Twitch.

Also, you can get recorded renditions on streaming services like Spotify. In recent months, Trainwreckstv has cut back on its Purple Platform streams because the platform doesn’t allow gambling content.

The Iranian-American celebrity started working for Kick on December 6, 2022, in the roles of non-exclusive streamer and non-owner advisor.

As a result of the agreement, he has started streaming more often on the platform. The streamer has also spent the past few months vocally criticizing Twitch, and he finally had his time to do so on a recent edition of the Scuffed Podcast.

This means that the new Scuffed Podcast will almost certainly reside on Stake’s streaming service. As for Drake, he is reported to have earned millions of dollars from sponsorship deals and has tight ties to Trainwreckstv. Since he is a worldwide singing sensation, his connection to Stake is arguably seen as more crucial than the streamers who play their games on a regular basis.

How Much of a Bashing Will Twitch Get

Some are speculating that Twitch will get quite the bashing in this new edition of the podcast. This doesn’t require one’s mind to be stretched that much, as ever since the platform made its restrictions tighter regarding gambling content, numerous high-profile streamers have all come out and voiced their displeasure at some of the practices of Twitch.

This displeasure has clearly existed for some time, but since it was their avenue stream, it would have taken a particularly brave streamer to speak out against the platform. Fears of severe financial consequences would have prevented most streamers from making suggestions that would ultimately improve their pay packet.

Adin Ross only announced last week that he would be moving to Kick, and it will be fascinating to see if Twitch will change anything about its business model to stop the potential transfer of other notable streamers. For some streamers, the move might be deemed to be too risky, but for streamers who rely heavily on gambling content, it is becoming clear that Twitch can no longer be their main avenue of income anymore.

Expect to see more high-profile streamers make their way over to soon!