Blueprint Gaming set to Release Maradona Slot

Blueprint Gaming has bought the rights to use the name and image of legendary Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona in an upcoming slot game. This is part of its plan to become a major player in the branded slot gaming industry.

Many sports-themed games have found their way into Blueprint Gaming’s vast library of previously released games. The addition of the visually striking D10S Maradona is one more way to win the hearts of soccer fans. No doubt, the software provider has carefully planned the release of this game, as there could be no better timing than right before the World Cup.

The background art has a collage aesthetic, as though it were taken from a scrapbook or a Maradona superfan’s bedroom wall. A swinging soundtrack adds to the scene, which seems to be a sincere tribute to the Argentine star. The legendary forward won the 1986 World Cup and finished his stellar career with 293 goals for both club and country.

D10S Slot, the Upcoming Qatar World Cup, and The Hand of God

Maradona Slot

The D10S slot game is scheduled for release on November 17th, just in time for the start of the World Cup in Qatar on November 20th. The millions of football fans who idolize Maradona will be thrilled to play this slot and when the world cup is in full swing they will be inspired to emulate their hero by winning big.

The game’s name is a nod to Maradona’s incredible career in soccer; it’s a combination of the Spanish word for “God” and the number 10, which he wore throughout his playing days.

Even though D10S Maradona is most likely to captivate Maradona fans, the game still has plenty to offer football fans in general. Maybe not English football fans, who have never gotten over the infamous “Hand of God” incident from the 1986 FIFA World Cup quarterfinal between England and Argentina.

The goal was allowed to stand because the official was viewing the play from a poor vantage point. Peter Shilton, the goalkeeper has probably wished since that he lived in the era of VAR. Now in 2022, he returns just before the World Cup to show slots players how relevant he remains even after retirement.

After Argentina vs England incident, Maradona scored again for Argentina in what was termed “the Goal of the Century”, which you should watch if only for Victor Hugo Morales’s fervent commentary. It’s no surprise that he became a legend after a single game that included both “The Hand of God” and “The Goal of the Century.”

Blueprint Gaming Brings back the Cash Symbol Scoop and More

D10S Maradona‘s mechanics are uncomplicated, centering on matching cash icons with collect symbols, an area in which Blueprint Gaming has extensive experience, as seen in Fishin’ Frenzy-related online slots. D10S Maradona, on the other hand, shuffles things around somewhat based on which Maradona collect icon you get.

Blueprint Gaming’s implementation of this scoop feature while managing to incorporate all the player’s four previous teams is ingenious. When big sums of money have accumulated in the cash pots, the last D10S Spins can get pretty heated as well.

D10S Maradona makes good use of the star’s symbolism by connecting each of the teams for which Maradona played to a different way to get cash, which increases the already high chance of winning. When you put it all together, you have a fun way to honor one of the greatest football players of all time even as you place bets for a chance at possible rewards.