Tate released, but what comes next?

What Next For Andrew Tate After World’s Most Googled Man Is Released From Prison?

On Sunday, the news we have been waiting to report on for weeks finally broke. The Tates have been released from prison! 

For over three months, the Tate brothers have been confined to a Romanian cell, accused of the  heinous crime of sex trafficking. Remarkably the Romanian authorities are yet to press any charges against the brothers, and it remains to be seen what the outcome of this case will be.

You can see in the video above that Andrew Tate is relieved to be out, and his response about reading the Quran and doing over 7000 pushups is very much on point with the message he continuously preaches. One of his general themes revolves around the concept of getting on with your mission no matter what life throws at you. For years he has been telling men to go to the gym and not procrastinate regardless of depression, heartbreak etc., so it was interesting to see that this was his first message to the world.

It is an inspirational message in many ways, but it can only be celebrated if he is 100% innocent. The two looked worse for wear, and they will no doubt be enjoying the freedom of their own home. However, this recent tweet by Andrew reveals how he is finding it difficult to adjust to everyday life.

The conditions in the cell were reportedly inhumane, and regardless of what you think about the Tate brothers, most of us would admit that what they had to endure considering they might be innocent, is astonishing. 

Under House Arrest

The Tates have now returned to their considerably sized house in Romania, and according to Romanian law, the police have six months in total to press charges against the pair. This would mean they have about 75 more days to press charges.

Andrew Tate, during the process, attempted to use medical reasons to escape these harsh conditions, but this request was refused. Rumours spread around the internet that he had cancer, but these claims were quickly downplayed, and some believe it was a way of Tate attempting to escape to the Middle East as this is where his medical team were based. The brothers spent a lot of time in Dubai before their arrest. 

In the video below, Tristan Tate explains why Dubai means a lot to him. He also ironically says that Eastern Europe is his favourite place to live. Things may have changed since.

Social Media Comeback

If you have read some of our previous articles focusing on the impact of Andrew Tate, you might remember that he was the most googled man on Earth in 2022. This was more than just a consequence of his popularity or fans liking his content. He had a mission to take over TikTok and Instagram, and it is fair to say that he achieved this goal.

It was impossible not to scroll through TikTok or YouTube shorts for a few months without seeing his content. His course Hustlers University had an affiliate scheme where users would make money every time they signed up for their course using their link. These links would often accompany dramatized edits featuring the Tates. This article explains how the Tates went about their business.

Tate’s Twitter account has continued churning out tweets even during the months he was being detained. The harsh conditions of solitary confinement were often referenced, with his focus usually centring on his mind being unbreakable. One team member was believed to be responsible for posting the tweets on his behalf.

First Interview

He and his brother, along with other people who are part of the so-called manosphere, used to participate in their podcast ‘Emergency Meetings’. Many fans anticipate that this will be where the brothers will speak about their ordeal for the first time in length.

He and his brother most likely have an agreement not to talk about their experience or do any media activity while being under home arrest. Even though the brothers have shown very little contrite in the past, it is unlikely that they will want to act in a way which might anger the Romanian authorities, but they are not the easiest pair to predict.

One of my biggest criticisms of Tate and his fans is that when he was arrested, tons of videos circulated showing Tate as this figure of positivity when he has many times admitted to breaking the law. He is vague about the laws he has committed, but you can understand why someone watching mainstream news for the first time will watch some of his clips and immediately judge him.

His first interview back will break the internet, as the kids say. I am sure millions will tune in to see what their experience was like, and his fans will want to know if he wants to continue in being such a significant presence online.

So Much More To Come

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan’s living conditions might have improved considerably, but it is important to remember they are yet to be cleared. Being under house arrest will not allow them to partake in the pleasures of life they so clearly indulge in. The one question I have, though, presuming that all charges are eventually dropped, is whether they will change how they conduct themselves.

As a neutral observer who in the past has attempted to put forward a balanced case when analysing Andrew Tate’s message, I think it is essential to acknowledge that they have crossed the line several times. This, however, doesn’t mean they are guilty, and I will be interested to see if any of their classic rhetoric against women or life, in general, will change. What do you think?