SiGMA Europe In Malta this Week

From November 14-18, 2022, Malta is hosting the SiGMA Europe Event. The largest technology and iGaming conference of the year, which is expected to attract up to 300 affiliate guests for a week of productive networking and idea sharing.

Affiliate Grand Slam (AGS) and a select group of 12 operators are presenting a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity for 300 of the industry’s top affiliates as part of SiGMA’s 300 Spartans campaign at the upcoming SiGMA Summit. There will be fun events, fancy meals, and informative talks.

Why Attend the SiGMA Europe Event?

The SiGMA Group plans to return to its origins by hosting a gathering of business leaders from around the world on the sunny Maltese islands from November 14-18.

Also, there will be a startup challenge for new technology firms, networking events to meet industry leaders, and an awards ceremony honoring the best in the gaming and iGaming industries.

This is a great opportunity for businesses to increase their visibility in the IT and iGaming industries by participating in one of the most noteworthy gatherings in Q4 2022. The next section explores some other benefits of the SiGMA Europe Event.

The 300 Spartans benefits

A chance for operators and affiliates to build a relationship based on friendship comes from the event’s combination of valuable information with a vibrant, laid-back setting ideal for networking.

What Affiliates stand to gain: One of the many perks for affiliates who sign up for the 300 Spartans effort is free travel, lodging, and access to exclusive activities that are only open to those who sign up. Affiliates enjoy the best of what Malta has to offer while getting to work and play hard at the same time thanks to the country’s great work-play balance.

The 300 participants will have the chance to do more than just have fun; they’ll also get the chance to learn new things and make some great connections that will help them in the future.

By participating in this project, they can take advantage of synergies between the three key stages of emerging technology, online marketing, and gaming. Promoting the gathering will undoubtedly aid in honing one’s marketing chops and gaining insight into the sector through lively discussions.

What operators stand to gain: Operators can now promote themselves to key players in the tech and iGaming industries while simultaneously providing an unforgettable experience for their affiliates. The event is likely to attract many of the major players in the business, making this sponsorship extremely valuable.

Operators can select partners to send to the SiGMA Europe Event and join the host company’s networking efforts. Speaker slots are available for event organizers who wish to sell their products, impart useful business insights, or analyze emerging trends in the sector.

In addition to providing their affiliates with a once-in-a-lifetime event, corporations will benefit much from participating in SiGMA Europe. The 300 Spartans is a fantastic chance to have fun with coworkers and make new friends while also gaining valuable professional experience and making connections in the industry.

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