Twitch Set to Launch TikTok-Esque Feed

Content creators have more freedom than ever. They can produce the type of content they wish without the concern of needing to cater to a wider audience.

This is one of the reasons why the traditional show platform is dying. To be successful in the past, entertainers, for the most part, had to play the game. You also had to put up with Stephen Hawkins being followed by Nicole Scherzinger. This is an extreme example, but you get what I mean.

That game usually evolved around doing nothing that groundbreaking. Most top influencers still play the game, though the rules have changed considerably.

Creators, as a rule of thumb, want to take advantage of the potential to engage in increasing followers. Despite Joe Rogan’s huge success in hosting three-hour interviews/discussions, this format is far from the norm, and the TikTok generation demands we receive our entertainment in short bursts. This is why Twitch has announced it will also get involved in this trend. Will we soon live in a world where all content needs to be broken down into 30-second segments?

TikTok Influencing Twitch

The new feature, announced at theTwitchCon event in Paris, will be a scrollable feed in the Twitch app that shows users a personalized mix of clips. It will show clips (sections of live streams that streamers or viewers cut out and present as standalone videos on the streamer’s profile) from a mix of creators regardless of whether they’re currently streaming. The company has yet to announce whether ads will appear within this feed. Twitch plans to test limited feed versions before a full launch this Autumn.

Like TikTok, the algorithm will pick up on the type of content you watch and suggest videos for you based on that. Just stay away from any more alpha male content creators, please. I think we have enough!

How Will This Move Be Received?

Some might argue that you are committed to long-term value if you follow a streamer online on a platform like Twitch. Therefore the soundbites created by TikTok-esque platforms go against the essence of Twitch. There is also the view that creators might start altering their content, knowing that one clip could go viral. After all, it is tiring to build an audience through dedicated content rather than hitting the jackpot. Some awesome creators, for example, have a dedicated following but never blow up due to their more measured approach.

Twitch themselves argue that clips can be the best way to introduce viewers to your content. After all, there is a lot of content out there, so the chances of missing out on some good talent are very likely.

Streamers Were Reliant on Third-Party Platforms to Promote Their Content

Currently, creators are witnessing the most promising audience growth and viewership outcomes through scrollable short-form videos. However, due to the need for a short-form video feed on Twitch, many creators resort to sharing their clips on external platforms to redirect viewers back to their Twitch channels. This is not what Twitch wants to be reliant on, so providing this service could benefit everyone.



Fast food is conquering Twitch – congratulations.