xQc Joins Kick with a $100 Million Deal, Criticizing Twitch’s Policies

Popular streamer xQc has made headlines after joining the streaming platform Kick and securing a lucrative deal worth up to $100 million across a two-year period. His decision comes after he expressed discontentment with Twitch’s policies and what he sees as unequal treatment, particularly regarding gambling-related content on the platform.

xQc’s dissatisfaction with Twitch’s handling of gambling content led him to seek better opportunities, and that is where Kick saw a potential opening.

Kick is a new player in the streaming world but is quickly gaining traction as many popular streamers are joining the platform. Kick offers a more favorable revenue split and aligns with the content preference of many streamers, including gambling-related content that xQc aims to stream.

Response to Kick’s Open Polcies

While Kick’s stance on some policies are music to the ears of some content creators, they have not been well-received by everyone. The platform faces a ban in Greece due to its flexible policies as enforced by the Hellenic Gaming Commission. Greece has blacklisted Kick, specifically mentioning the Slots Gang section as the reason for the ban. This highlights the challenges faced by Kick as it navigates its way through regulations and bans in other regions with strict rules on gambling-related content.

Kick is determined to surpass Twitch despite these bans and establish itself as a competitor to the Amazon-owned platform, which since its inception, has had a monopoly over the streaming industry.

The founders have spared no expense in trying to take Kick to the top and have spent a fortune on attracting top talent in the streaming space. Streamers like xQc and Amouranth joining Kick shows the willingness of streamers to explore alternatives, but it is important to note that Kick still has a long way to go before they will make Twitch seriously consider the way they do business.

xQc’s Background with Twitch’s Policies

xQc is originally known for his involvement in the Overwatch League Franchise, Dallas Fuel, before being released from the team due to his offensive comments. This led him to explore other options for himself, and he eventually transitioned into providing gambling-related streaming content.

xQc’s gambling journey has not been all successful, as he has admitted to losing $1.8 million in a single year. Despite his losses, he remains unapologetic about his fondness for gambling and continues to promote such content through his streams. The streamer has called out Twitch in the past for its unclear bans on some creators for gambling-related content while allowing certain streamers to continue promoting such content. The discrepancy prompted xQc’s decision to join Kick, where he has more freedom to promote his preferred content without facing any restrictions or challenges.

Kick’s Future and Twitch’s Growing Competition

The ban in Greece presents a significant challenge for Kick, and it remains to be seen how the platform will find a solution not only to this but to the similar potential problems that they may encounter in other regions.

While Kick’s open policies on gambling might attract certain content creators and viewerships, they also draw criticism and regulatory scrutiny. As the platform continues to invest in talent like xQc, its goal of becoming a leader in the streaming market comes closer to being a reality.

As far as it goes for Twitch, the platform is facing increasing competition from platforms like YouTube Gaming and Kick. While it is still a leader in the streaming industry, they should not underestimate the potential impact of these emerging platforms and adapt to the evolving dynamics of the market.