Adin Ross, North Korea, and $41 Million Lost by

Adin Ross, North Korea, $41 million and an unconventional plan. One of the world’s most popular gambling streamers has found himself at the center of a daring proposal.

Eddie Craven, the co-founder of both and rising streaming platform Kick, has suggested a unique plan to live-stream with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

The goal of this meeting would be to negotiate the return of $41 million that was recently stolen in a cyber heist from, Craven joked (we think). This idea sounds far-fetched and was intended as humor, but it has ignited speculation and excitement among the streaming community.

Kick’s Fresh Approach to Streaming

Kick is slowly establishing itself as a strong contender against industry leader Twitch and, at the moment, stands out with their promises of better pay and a more open streaming environment for creators. They also have a unique strategy where they attract creators who have been essentially outcasted by Twitch, bringing in a lot of viewers with the streamer.

Adin Ross is a prime example of this and can stream his gambling-related content freely on Kick.

Adin Ross became very popular for his live slot streams on Twitch, but his success came with a fair share of controversies and subsequent bans. In early 2023, he ultimately decided to join Kick. Upon his return to live streaming, he openly shared his struggles with addiction, offering insights into the challenges that influencers face in today’s world of content creation.

Why Would Fans Want an Adin Ross North Korea Stream?

A stream of the country, even if heavily regulated, could shine some light on a country that we, unfortunately, know very little about due to restrictions.

Adin Ross was surprised when he heard this and humorously contemplated whether this would play a role in “solving world peace.” He expressed his willingness to do such a unique thing live on stream, which has got many people wondering if such a stream would be possible.

Ross also directly addressed the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by expressing his desire to visit the country and do an exclusive interview with him. Adin Ross showed genuine interest in learning more about the country through their leader.

Truth be told, there is a morbid fascination with North Korea. Therefore, any type of content that involved the country would be huge.

Kick’s Global Impact

Adin Ross’s potential meeting with Kim Jong Un shows his innovative spirit, which is also shared by the streaming community in general. It also speaks volumes about the bold strides that Kick is making in this scene, pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers.

While the idea of Adin Ross having a livestream with Kim Jong Un is improbable, the possibility of visiting North Korea is not entirely impossible. Regardless of the challenges, Ross remains open to this venture, aspiring to embark on a unique journey that potentially breaks barriers. As the streaming world evolves, who’s to say what unconventional collaborations and ventures might lie ahead?

Earlier in the year, partnered with Everton FC, a huge Premier League club, which shows how they are solidifying their presence beyond the digital realm. With the streaming logo now set to appear in many different places, Kick’s influence could continue to extend to many other parts of the world.