Harassment on the Beach, Ape Attack in Kathmandu

Two streamers were recently interrupted in two different but unusual ways.

The expression that continues to ring true is that anything can happen on live TV. This, in many ways, can help explain why live streaming has become so popular. The desire to watch the action unfold in real time is what is attractive to so many followers around the globe.

IRL live streams often showcase peculiar, absurd, or genuinely alarming situations. Streamers have encountered incidents where they were robbed, had their belongings snatched from their hands on live streams, or experienced embarrassing conversations in public. However, unexpected encounters are not limited to people alone; live-streamed animals can contribute to some of the most unusual content you’ll ever come across.

Not all of the results are hilarious though; sometimes, viewers can witness their favorite streamers get into dangerous or bizarre scenarios. Two such incidents occurred this past week, which we will delve into below.

TheNicoleT Harrased While on the Beach

TheNicoleT, a streamer noted for her good looks, was recording herself on the beach when some people took exception to the content she was creating. Considering her content is designed to arouse certain feelings (we hope you know what we mean), passers-by were furious that some families on the beach decided to move because of her. How true this is, we don’t know, but these words were used to justify their anger.

As the situation escalated, Nicole’s harassers forcefully knocked her phone out of her hand. The streamer didn’t appear to be that phased by the heated argument, though and looked like she had her audience backing her up.

Once she is able to recover her phone, she takes a straight look down at the camera and says, “God damn”. We expect this story will be received with mixed reactions from our readers as we can see many of the comments are from viewers becoming tired of streamers using public spaces to act in any way they wish. Next time you see a TikTok dancer observe the comments and you might wonder if they have any fans at all.

TheNicoleT on the Beach

Streamer Therealmoisesb Attacked By Monkey

TheRealMoisesB, a YouTube streamer, and his friends were traveling through Kathmandu, documenting their journey via live stream. In an unfortunate turn of events, Moises’ companion unintentionally stepped on a monkey while attempting to maneuver around them, causing the monkey to let out a slight yelp of pain.

TheRealMoisesB Asia Kathmando
TheRealMoisesB in Kathmandu.

As a result, the monkey’s companion swiftly came to the defense by lunging at the man, who promptly fled upon realizing the imminent danger.

The two monkeys remained in place, watching their unidentified assailant swiftly disappear into the distance before continuing with their daily activities.

This is not the first instance where a monkey encountered issues during a live stream. Earlier this month, an IRL Kick streamer also experienced fear when pursued by a monkey. Thankfully in both cases, this resulted in nothing serious occurring.

Therefore, if you are a streamer traveling through Asia or any other location where monkeys might be present on the streets, it is strongly advised to observe them from a distance rather than using them for your content.