Twitch Improves Partner Program for Popular Streamers

Twitch improves its partner program. The most popular streamers will also benefit the most.

Twich’s partner program is undergoing significant changes that will improve its affiliate sub-split options. The program, which was introduced by the platform in June 2023, features several goals for streamers with partner status to receive a 70/30 revenue share on subscriptions.

However, many complained the program’s requirements were impossible to attain. Twitch received further backlash for capping earnings at $100K through increased revenue. Before introducing the 70/30 split, last year also involved Twitch introducing a 50/50 revenue split with partnered streamers, which was also heavily criticized.

In response to the recent negative feedback, Twitch announced several updates to the program. On the 24th of January, 2024, there were favorable news for affiliate content creators.

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Affiliates Now Eligible for a 60/40 Split

In a recent blog post, Dan Clancy, the CEO of Twitch, revealed the news. The platform has announced the addition of a new level to the program. The newly introduced level will allow affiliates to qualify for a 60/40 revenue split with the accumulation of only 100 Plus Points.

This change is set to take effect from the 1st of May, 2024, and aims to help streamers earn more revenue at a faster pace.

Furthermore, Twitch has made it easier for content creators to earn the desirable revenue share. They do this by lowering the threshold for the existing 70/30 split option to 300 Plus Points from 350. The now easier-to-attain level makes it easier for Twiitch affiliates to qualify for its program.

Moreover, Twitch is soon removing the revenue cap of $100K for those who earn a 70/30 sub split through the program. Additionally, the company is renaming the program from Twitch Partner Plus to the “Plus Program” since it will not be restricted to just partners anymore.

These changes to the platform’s sub-splits will see the company attempt to rectify its relations with many of its top content creators and contributors.

Twitch Improves Partner Program for Popular Streamers – Internet Reactions

In recent times, Kick has been making a lot of noise. Streamers can’t help but take notice of the 95/5 revenue split. A sizeable difference when compared to Twitch’s initial rate of 50/50.

Perhaps one year ago, Kick was simply an inconvenience. But after snaring some of the world’s most considerable streaming talents, such as Adin Ross, xQc and Amouranth the threat posed by alternative streaming platforms has become very real.

We have also noticed that some observant people on X (formerly known as Twitter) have accused Twitch of being sneaky. This is since they announced this good news on the same day they announced cuts in Prime Gaming subs.

With the upcoming modification, creators in the United States will receive $2.25 per subscription. This ultimately means they will make 25 cents less under this new pay structure.

It is also interesting to note that MrBeast, the world’s most popular Youtuber, said a few days ago that he makes more money from videos on X than streaming. Therefore, the financial rewards for big-time streamers have been big news this week!

If you want to learn more about these changes in more detail, Zach Bussey provides viewers with a brilliant breakdown in the video we will share below.

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Twitch Improves Partner Program for Popular Streamers