Asmongold Calls for More Accountability on Mizzy’s Controversial Actions

Asmongold, the popular streamer renowned for his engaging content centered around multiplayer games such as Final Fantasy, Diablo, and World of Warcraft, recently gave his opinion on the actions of a far less well-received content creator, Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, widely known as Mizzy.

Mizzy has recently been the subject of a lot of attention for his controversial pranks that have gone viral across social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Asmongold openly called for Mizzy to face legal consequences for his actions, citing concern for public safety in the UK.

Mizzy’s Actions: What Led to the Backlash?

Mizzy has attracted significant attention, mostly negative, due to his controversial stunts. The first incident that sparked uproar was when he and his friends entered a stranger’s house without permission in the middle of the day. Mizzy faced legal consequences because of this incident and was also briefly taken into custody, but he was out in no time, and this didn’t deter him from making more videos of a similar ilk.

These actions have caused widespread public outrage, raising concerns about the boundaries of online entertainment not only for Mizzy but for other content creators as well. The fact that the consequences appeared to be so minimal was an issue for many.

Asmongold Criticizes Mizzy on Stream

Recently Mizzy stirred controversy once again by vandalizing a convenience store, further boosting his online presence. Asmongold, renowned for his passionate commentary on social media trends, voiced his view on Mizzy’s behavior. Asmongold expressed that he wanted to see Mizzy face legal consequences, labeling his actions as a “real problem”, and even said that he would put Mizzy in jail if it were up to him.

Asmongold’s emphasis on the potential risks posed by Mizzy’s actions goes beyond their direct impact, as they can also affect the broader community. These out-of-line pranks have given rise to a troubling trend where content creators, aware of the little to no consequences, readily engage in similar activities so they can achieve their 15 minutes of fame.

Mizzy is not the only streamer doing this; another popular example is JohnnySomali, who keeps pushing the limits of reasonability with his content. He most notably went viral for harassing Japanese natives about World War II, repeatedly mentioning the bombing sites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where hundreds of thousand people lost their lives.

Examining Mizzy’s Actions

The views of Asmongold and the actions of Mizzy show two sides of the spectrum among content creators online. One of the streamers is trying to bring more accountability and responsibility, while the other indulges in chaos and is the principal reason behind these concerns. In fact, he claims his videos are merely entertainment. We disagree, of course.

Piers Morgan, a well-known journalist, also confronted Mizzy about his controversial actions during an episode of his show “Piers Morgan Uncensored“. While some argue that the show may have given Mizzy the attention he craved, others believe it was important to bring awareness to the bigger issue at hand.

Calling out creators like Mizzy starts debates and encourages people to strive for a better online community that prioritizes the well-being of individuals. This kind of criticism has the potential to bring about positive change along with a greater sense of responsibility in the online world. You can watch the full interview with Morgan in the video below.




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