Slot Machine Tricks: A Winning Strategy?

How do you play slot machines and win? How do to win jackpots on slot machines? How do you trick a slot machine to win? Are slot machine tricks a way to a winning strategy? We have answers for your questions.

Slot games are typically the highlight of any online casino, with many players signing up for gambling platforms with the knowledge that the casino’s library will be packed with tons of fun and engaging slot titles.

The variety of slot machines means slot providers are afforded the opportunity to be creative, with many casinos having thousands of slot titles for players to choose from.

Online slots are best known for being completely randomized, so inherently, no amount of skill can give players an edge.

Due to their nature, slot games have always been surrounded by myths, many of which have been debunked, while some are still believed to be true by many.

Below we have decided to go through some of these slot machine myths as well as provide you with answers to the age-old question. Is it possible to beat slot machines? Check out our forum on this topic as well.

Slot Machine Tricks 1: Betting Patterns Affect Slot Payouts

You might have heard some players tell you that it is possible to trick a slot game’s RNG by constantly changing the size of your bets. Ultimately, the trick implies that a player’s betting pattern can influence slot payouts.

This is among the many slot myths that are tricky to debunk but are inherently untrue. Players can choose to bet differently based on their preferred strategy; however, that does not affect how a slot machine pays out, so this is not a winning slot strategy.

Everything related to how a slot game operates and pays out is randomized, which helps maintain a level of unpredictability. If you bet 10 cents on a spin or €100 on a spin, the outcome of your next spin remains unaffected by your bet size, however much you believe this not to be true.

Slot Machine Tricks 2: Hot and Cold Streaks

Slot machines are often referred to as being on hot streaks, offering payouts continuously for a fixed period. Similarly, they can also go on cold streaks where the machine will not payout regardless.

This is untrue because every slot machine spin is unique and random. Therefore, there is no such thing as hot and cold streaks in slot games. You can expect random outcomes from every spin, even in physical slot machines.

Slot Slotmaschine slot machine

Even when players are led to believe they have figured out a slot’s patterns, it is only a matter of coincidence.

The gambler’s fallacy is worth raising here. If someone has just won the jackpot, the chances of the next spin hitting the jackpot are just as likely.

To score consecutive jackpots is incredibly unlikely, but if we are just referring to one spin of a slot in isolation, then the chances remain the same.

We are all guilty of thinking that we are due a payout, but this type of logic is inherently flawed. We are not entitled to win jackpots on slot machines.

It is no different when you guess which side of the coin will land face up.

Every spin of the coin, like the slot machine in isolation, always has the same slot machine odds, regardless of what has come before.

Slot Machine Tricks 3: The Autoplay Feature Pays Less than Manual Spins

Some players avoid making use of the autoplay feature since they believe this will harm their chances of triggering that mouth-watering payout.

That said, the payout rate of a slot game has nothing to do with how it is operated.

How a player chooses to spin the reels does not change the payout rate of a slot game. This slot myth is quite similar to one related to land-based slot machines, where players assume that pulling the lever provides greater odds of winning than pressing the button.

The main aim of an autoplay feature is merely to relieve players of the strain of repeatedly playing when they have the option to do so automatically. This only helps speed up gameplay, and a lot of players love to use this option.

Perhaps the need to have control can help explain why so many players still believe in this myth. When you are pulling a lever or pressing the bet, you feel that you have more control over the game. Even though most believe this not to be the case, many still play slots as is this was a way to beat slot machines.

Slot Machine Tricks 4: Playing Multiple Games at the Same Time

This slot machine strategy involves playing multiple slot games simultaneously. The concept is that if you run several games simultaneously in an online casino game library or at an actual casino, you can expect to score big wins.

While big wins may occur if the player is lucky, they may also lose big amounts since multiple games and bets are involved.

Although many may be tempted to play multiple slot games at once, it is crucial for them to be mindful of their budgets and establish limits on how long they can play. Slot machine odds don’t change if you play more of them simultaneously.

Slot Machine Tricks 5: Manipulating Machines

There have been actual cases in Germany in the past that involved the manipulation of slot machines – not online slot machines, though. This was possible in the past because players would use magnets on old slot machines made of magnetic metal reels.

Nonetheless, to describe this as a trick would be quite generous; mere criminal activity would be a more accurate description, although it might be the best way to win at slots…

That said, today’s slot games feature RNGs and cannot be manipulated, so indulging in such an act with a slot machine is out of the question. If you are a genius who can manipulate RNGs in slot machines, I think your brain power could be put to greater use. Also, please let us know how.

The Merkur Risk Ladder Trick

The Merkur Risk Ladder trick is recommended by many “experts” online. This works on Merkur slot machines.

For players to have a chance at climbing the risk ladder step by step, they must earn a win in the base game first. After that, the risk ladder can be selected optionally so that the previous amount won is used again to increase it.

hugo ladder
Gamble or accept. Game: Hugo’s Legacy.

For this purpose, the risk ladder appears, with two options flashing in front of the player. The player must then press a button at the right time to climb up the next possible ladder rung. There is a 50% chance of winning or losing.

Each time the player climbs a rung, their winnings are doubled. If the player is wrong, they descend one rung but still get a chance to quit and claim the amount won up to that point.

If the player gets it wrong several times, they may lose their entire winning amount.

The difficulty typically lies in making it out of the risk ladder at the right time. Getting too greedy may result in the player losing everything.

Therefore, it is crucial to know that it is possible to exit the risk ladder after each round and cash out any winnings won up until that point.

You will find various videos online introducing a trick where a player turns a small win into a significant one. Beware of such videos, as they are mostly fake. They often do not involve real money bets but are being played in demo mode.

If you want to use the gamble feature on Merkur slot machines successfully, you are essentially relying on good luck but practicing good habits will likely help your bottom line.

At the end of the day, unfortunately, there are no secrets to winning at slot machines. A slots guide that tells you how to win at slot machines is not genuine. If it was possible to win at slots or to improve the odds of winning at slot machines, online casinos would go out of business – they wouldn’t be able to turn a profit.

Useful Slot Machine Tips & Tricks

Are there any slot machine tricks that guarantee sure wins? No. Can you still manage your gameplay better? Yes. This pretty much sums up how good slot players think about the game. The ability to not chase that magic formula that doesn’t exists will make anyone a better player automatically.

While slot games are based purely on chance, you can still make the most out of your slot machine odds by trying some simple yet useful strategies. Below, we have briefly summarised some helpful slot machine strategy tips to enhance your gameplay.

  • Play the demo versions of slot machines: Before going headfirst into a game you might not understand, there is no problem testing out the game beforehand. This way, you won’t lose money attempting to learn the rules of a specific slot.
  • Only play at reputable online casinos: Always choose slot machines provided by reputable providers, as their results are completely randomized and fair, thanks to RNGs.
  • Study the paytable of your preferred slot game: This is because paytables show what each symbol is worth. You will also know whether the game features scatters or wilds.
  • Play slot machines with high RTPs: Slot games with higher RTPs typically feature more multipliers, wilds, and other slot bonuses. If you have a more conservative mindset, look for the slots with the highest RTP available.
  • Decide on a budget and stick to it: Once you have reached the budget you have predetermined, stop playing. You could also set win limits in the same way. It could be argued that discipline is the most important value when gambling.
  • Never Chase Losses: If you are on a losing streak, avoid chasing your losses and stop playing if your head is not in the right place. On the same token, if you are winning, don’t think you have cracked the game. This will only end up making losing sessions disheartening.

Conclusion: No Tricks to Success With Slot Machines

Winning slots player
You’re going to have to get lucky.

If you properly manage your bankroll and adopt effective strategies, you do not need any special tricks to win slots. It does not matter whether you choose a general trick or the Merkur Risk Ladder trick; success is not a guarantee.

Instead, to enhance your experience, especially if you are a newbie, you can choose to play wisely with small stakes. Remember that not every gaming session ends in profit, so keep an open mind as you play.

If anyone ever tells you that they have cracked slot machines, depending on how big they are, you can either laugh at them or smile politely back.


At Gambleboost, we receive questions regarding slots so often that if we were to jot them all down here, you wouldn’t make it to the end. Therefore, we have logically listed the answers to some of those questions most frequently asked.

Is there a slot machine trick that guarantees sure wins?

No. There are no tricks in slot machines that guarantee wins. Furthermore, anyone who promises such things is simply not trustworthy.

Are slot strategies effective?

While slot strategies can be effective, this isn’t to the extent where you can guarantee that you will win. Third-party companies like eCOGRA audit RNGs to ensure that players, or the operators, cannot learn the pattern or rig the algorithm in the machine.

An effective strategy does not involve winning games but instead, how you can maximize your wins and minimize your losses.

What should I consider when choosing an online slot machine?

It helps to always look at the payout percentage of the slot machine you are interested in. That way, you can increase your odds of winning.