Why MrBeast Shouldn’t Be Receiving any Criticism for Charity Videos

You wouldn’t be wrong if you were to refer to MrBeast as the King of Youtube. Late in 2022, he surpassed Pewdiepie and flew past 100 million subscribers.

With such popularity, it is nigh on impossible not to receive some level of criticism or borderline hatred. This is even the case when doing charitable acts.

The Problem of Appearing Virtuos

These days, a few terms are often used as a stick to beat people with. One term is ‘virtuous’. This term is used to suggest that influencers such as MrBeast only do such videos as they want all the praise that comes with doing charitable acts.

Another one is ‘hypocrite’. This is often used by people who claim that these people will not be prepared to make sacrifices in their own life unless it comes with incentives. In this case, expanding a youtube channel.

Does the Motive Matter?

Mr Beast Sweets
Yes, even branded sweets.

There is no way of knowing how charitable MrBeast is in his private life or if he would go to such lengths if entertainment weren’t a factor. But if so many people are being helped without exploitation, does it really matter?

Some videos in recent years have emerged where influencers give homeless people large sums of money. It is easy to see why some might regard this as exploitative, but most of us are curious as to how humans will react to such a random act.

In Mr Beast’s case, the alternative view would involve him doing zero for charity in fear that he might be coming across as virtuous. This sounds like a terrible and unnecessary alternative, in my opinion.

In late January, this innovative youtuber helped cure 1000 people of blindness.

Who the bloody hell cares if this act comes across as virtuous? The people who now have the gift of sight are probably not among the internet trolls criticising him for such acts.

There is the issue that he is making a profit from the videos he is making but he has since addressed these accusations emphatically.

“100% of all revenue from beast philanthropy goes towards running my food banks and helping ease human suffering, and since inception, I’ve personally put millions into beast philanthropy. That’s the whole point, make content around helping people to generate more money to help more people.”

MoistCr1TiKal Great Tweet Slamming those Criticising MrBeast

I think the tweet below accurately sums up the nature of the internet. We used to live in a world where if someone told you that a man gave 20,000 pairs of shoes to people who can’t afford footwear, the response would have only been positive. Now there is always someone who is looking for a different angle and is desperate to tell you that these YouTubers are not the saints you think they are.

What I will admit is that if someone acted like the second coming of Jesus Christ, then they might need to be brought down to Earth a bit, but nothing in these videos, in my opinion, warrants any criticism whatsoever. Especially since it has been confirmed all monetary funds go towards charity.

MrBeast now has 136 million subscribers and thankfully, it doesn’t appear that his generosity will stop anytime soon.