How to play in Online Casinos without Losing your Money

Gambling has to be fun, so you need to know how to play in online casinos without losing your money.

“If you like to gamble, I tell you, I’m your man.

You win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me.”

These are the first lines to Motörhead’s legendary gambling song, and there is actually a lot of truth in it. Here are three tips for you to play in online casinos without losing your money.

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1) No gain, no pain – Bankroll Management

This expression is often used by poker players when it comes to how much money they should play for, but it’s also fitting to online casino gambling.

Bankroll management basically means don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. To achieve this, set yourself a limit as to how much money you are willing to wager in one session.

If you lose that money, stop playing. Don’t try to chase losses, and don’t beat yourself up about losing your budget. It happens to everyone.

There is always another session ahead of you, and you might get lucky next time. Keep gambling fun.

2) Use Free Bonuses and Casino Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are a casino’s most valuable way to attract and retain customers like you. Some bonuses are free, and most casinos offer things like cashbacks and social tournaments.

Check your casinos regularly and exploit the benefits you can get for free. Whenever you have the chance to play without investing anything or with guaranteed paybacks, take it.

Who cares if you don’t win anything in a game where you haven’t paid for. Your online casino is going to offer you something special sooner or later. For example, you will usually get free spins not only for your first deposits, but also for later ones.

Also check special offers for times like Easter or Christmas. There will probably be some extra offers in your mailbox.

Don’t waste presents. You wouldn’t do that in real life either, would you?

3) Try games for free

In most casinos, you can play slots in demo mode. That means you are playing with play money. The casinos will give you limitless resources so you can test out almost any game without investment.

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Conclusion – No, you’re not getting set up

Gambling is called gambling for a reason. The RTP of a slot machine is never 100% or higher, which means in the long run, every player loses money. Now that doesn’t mean you will not win. You can get lucky and win life changing money in a heartbeat! Any time, anywhere! That’s the great thing about gambling, that is its main attraction.

However, don’t expect anything and learn to cope with losses. Sometimes things can go badly. There are players who tend to blame the casino software when this happens. Note that it’s never the software’s fault, and you’re not getting set up to lose.

Remember the words of the great philosopher Lemmy Kilmister: “You win some, lose some…”

If you think you have a gambling issue, please contact counselling services like If you want to talk about problem gambling, you can also come to our forum and talk about it absolutely anonymously. We have several forum threads dedicated to problem gambling.