Owens vs Crowder over Domestic Abuse

Candace Owens criticizes Steven Crowder for abusing his wife, while xQc and Kaceytron Clash over the Content of the Video

Steven Crowder, who has 5.9 million subscribers on YouTube, has recently come under fire as Candace Owen condemned him for talking down on his wife, Hilary Crowder, who was pregnant at the time. According to the footage dated June 2021, Stephen was seen insulting his wife for not handling “wifely” responsibilities.

The ring video footage released on Thursday by journalist Yashar Ali’s Substack showed the 35-year-old Steven Crowder yelling at his wife to “watch it” in unprintable language. They seemed to argue about her wanting to drive the couple’s car.

The video, around three minutes long, shows Steven Crowder seated on a porch and smoking a cigar while he expresses his displeasure at her disregard for the “boundaries” he has established.

The Video Has Received Widespread Condemnation of Crowder

Crowder can be seen saying to his eight-month-pregnant wife, Hilary Crowder, “You are not taking the car because if you refuse to perform wifely things, then I will go pick up the groceries.”

Hilary Crowder argued that she didn’t need to go grocery shopping because they weren’t lacking groceries, but she’d get everything her husband required while she was out. Apparently, the influencer wasn’t pleased and continued to lash out. He said he couldn’t work out or visit his friends or family because she had “boxed” him in.

As his wife looked frustrated and angry, Steven Crowder told her that the only way out was through discipline and respect.

Candace Owens’s Reaction to the Video

During Thursday’s episode of her podcast, Owens, who has been publicly sparring with Steven Crowder, aired the video in question and called it “horrific” and “very difficult to watch.” Adding to that, she said this video seems to confirm Hilary’s allegations of emotional abuse at his hands.

The allegation claims that Steven Crowder, who announced he was divorcing his wife last week, admitted to threatening her at home, telling her, “I will f*** you up.”

Owens, 33, blasted Steven Crowder after the recording was played, alleging that he had misled his audience by suggesting earlier this week that he didn’t want to divorce his wife but had to go along with it because they lived in a no-fault state.

Owens stated that, for now, we don’t know how true it is. We only have his wife’s word against Steven’s at the moment, but based on my experience with Steven, I’m inclined to take her word over his.

xQc Defends Himself Against Kaceytron’s Accusation of his Ex-partner’s Abuse

xQc beach
XQC; image: Twitter.

In the streamer world, xQc has replied to Kaceytron, calling her “unhinged” for accusing him of being harsh and manipulative towards his ex-partner, Adept.

xQc’s split from ex-girlfriend Adept was hardly amicable, and their problems were broadcast for all of streaming culture to see.

Many things have happened in the open lately, from Adept showing up at xQc’s house to xQc mentioning the registration of his $300,000 McLaren under her name.

On May 1, Kaceytron, another Twitch streamer, weighed in on the split by sharing her views on recent footage in which xQc was accused of “downplaying” the harassment allegations of influencer Steven Crowder on Hasan’s Discord called Hascord.

The creator claims that a “red indicator” in xQc’s previous relationship with Adept was his “downplay” of Crowder’s alleged abuse.

In the same Discord conversation, Kacey said, “I don’t think xQc is a straight-up abuser.” In short, I’m pointing out that the xQc/Adept connection is a two-way street of abuse, even if the community treats it like it’s just coming from one side.

It is intentional and manipulative on xQc’s part to allow the community to continue falsely shaming her. As a result of his large following, xQc clearly has a lot of influence.

In his defense, xQc claims Kacey was “baiting” him for attention. He added that he understands that relevance is waning and that all the previous baits she employed could have been more effective.

Update: Crowder allegedly exposed himself regularly to his staff