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Slots Streamer Highstakesbabbyy

Is she the new star in the streaming world? Highstakesbabbyy is an up and coming streamer


What do you think?

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Latest activity: from johnniew

Classybeef fake or real?

Are these guys real or not? They seemed to just appeared out of nowhere going from 2euro bets to 50 in just a couple of months. What you think folks?

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Latest activity: from kzuh3

Mizkif vs xQc – Seven hotels during TwitchCon 2023?

Influencers are the gift that keeps on giving. Do you believe that xQc was provided with seven different accommodations during TwitchCon 2023? And how often did he move?


338 13
Latest activity: from SaintPeter

Kick CEO gives Adin Ross Rolls Royce for his Birthday


What a lovely birthday present, isn't it?

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Latest activity: from Yaryarbinks

Your fav slot streamer?

Mine has been Casino daddy for years. They don't try paying with fake money. They are straight up Gs!

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Latest activity: from MysteriousMeow

Is classybeef playing with fake money?

Why do they play on stake when they have their own casino now? And how they went from 5 euro bets to 50euro bets in a couple of months? I know some streamers who still play on 5euro bets 5 years later. Like Casinodaddy

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Latest activity: from JohnPhilips

How I get rich like Roshtein please?!

Please someone help me. I am in bangladesh and I want to become hard worker like Roshtein and make much money.
Looking forward to your response. Will do the needful anyday.

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Latest activity: from Donika
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Looking for new casino streamers to follow.

Hey guys,
Usually I would be watching casinodaddy, roshtein and classybeef. Any other streamers you would recommend?

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Latest activity: from Cassandra.Bloom

Old School Youtube

Not really news i know but did you hear about pewdiepie announcing the pregnancy? that was so wholesome 🙂 ive been following him for years and i just love to see someone from oldschool youtube succeed in life 🙂 even bought some tsuki clothing 🙂

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Latest activity: from daniel

More influencers

Site needs more influencers. When I check the section for people featured in the news, there's nothing.

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Latest activity: from Thorr

Streamer crashing car

Did you see MoistCritical on that Polish streamer reading Twitch chat while driving and then running over a dog? I hate it when streamers are so inconsiderate.

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Latest activity: from Spinmaster

Drake on Trainwreck Stream

Drake to be the first guest on HAsan's stream. you heard it here first.

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Latest activity: from Roger1337
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