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Looking for new casino streamers to follow.

Hey guys,
Usually I would be watching casinodaddy, roshtein and classybeef. Any other streamers you would recommend?

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Latest activity: from cassandra-bloom

Old School Youtube

Not really news i know but did you hear about pewdiepie announcing the pregnancy? that was so wholesome 🙂 ive been following him for years and i just love to see someone from oldschool youtube succeed in life 🙂 even bought some tsuki clothing 🙂

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Latest activity: from daniel

More influencers

Site needs more influencers. When I check the section for people featured in the news, there’s nothing.

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Latest activity: from chili

Streamer crashing car

Did you see MoistCritical on that Polish streamer reading Twitch chat while driving and then running over a dog? I hate it when streamers are so inconsiderate.

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Latest activity: from spinmaster

Drake on Trainwreck Stream

Drake to be the first guest on HAsan’s stream. you heard it here first.

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