Gamelancer and form streaming partnership

Gamelancer – the largest Gen Z Social Gaming Network – announces six-figure partnership contract with online casino

One of the largest gaming networks with multiple channels across several social media platforms is the Gamelancer Gaming Corp. This social media network powerhouse, acquired by Wondr Gaming in early 2022, focuses mainly on mobile gaming on social media.

Their channels have amassed over 28 million followers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The majority of them live in Northern America, the UK, and Australia. Gamelancer uses its network to sell programmatic and direct media to some of the world’s leading brands. Partnering with Snapchat Discover, among others, they monetise across all their channels with growing monthly revenue.

Gamelancer and Gambit Rewards

In June this year, Gamelancer announced their partnership with Gambit Rewards, which enabled players to spend their Gamelancer points in a new and unique way. The partnership gave the Gamelancer audience the chance to take part in unique free-to-play sports betting on Gambit and iGaming platforms. Users are also able to redeem their Gambit Prize Tokens for Gamelancer points or revert points back to tokens., a gambling powerhousestake

Now, Gamelancer proudly announces the next “big deal” – a partnership with online casino The value of the contract has been vaguely defined as “6-figure” and will improve the presence and reach of various influencers by broadcasting them on more social media platforms., operated by Medium Rare NV, is an online casino licenced in Curaçao, with offices in Australia, Serbia, and Cyprus, as well as employees all over the world. It offers both casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and thousands of slots, but also an extensive sportsbook. offers their customers the option to play or bet with cryptocurrencies only, which is still a rarity in the online casino world. Considered one of the leading operators in online casinos and offering some of the world’s best sportbooks with more than 5 million users, it was the perfect choice for Gamelancer to partner with.

This campaign will be advertised on various Gamelancer TikTok channels including @Gamer, @Gamelancer, @Gaming and @Egirl. It will also be available on Instagram channels hosted by Playmakers, a Gamelancer partner, on their channels @Playmaker, @Sports and @PlaymakerBetting.

Gamelancer at the forefront of technological innovation

The company provides curated Gen Z and Millenial content by utilising advanced data analytics, which allows them access to the largest media inventory in the gaming industry including Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat.

The team at Gamelancer has been working tirelessly to optimise for the WEB3 community, including Metaverse as well as NFT games in their portfolio. By using the app, users can now use voice chat in any game they play, majorly enhancing the gaming experience.

The Gamelancer success in numbers

Focusing mainly on mobile users, Gamelancer uses 74 different technologies for its site according to BuiltWith, including Viewport Meta, SPF and iPhone/Mobile compatible. Gamelancer enables direct, meaningful connections using gaming as the medium. Currently, it is ranked among the top 2.5 million websites worldwide with over 13,000 monthly visitors, according to similarweb.

It generates a stable growth that reached $184,000 in May 2022. It generates over 1.2 billion views across 27 different media channels, making it one of the most influential and noteworthy sites of its kind today (source: Every day, 60-100,000 new followers join the Gamelancer networks.