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US Gambling Industry Expects a Record Revenue in 2023

U.S. Gambling Industry: Record Gambling Revenue in 2023

Who said things would go down after the pandemic?

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Latest activity: from johnniew

AI Scams and the Gambling Industry

AI Scams in Gambling

What do you think is there to come? Will AI scams be a major threat for gamblers and gamers?

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Latest activity: from HannahH.

Stake.com Impacted by Cyberattack, Loses $41 Million

The iGaming and crypto betting giant, Stake.com, was the latest victim of an attack from hackers that resulted in losses of some $41 million in cryptocurrencies. The crypto betting and online gambling platform confirmed that it has identified unauthorized transactions on Monday via a post on X, formerly Twitter. Stake revealed that unauthorized transactions were made from its ETH/BSC hot wallets.

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Latest activity: from BlueLantern

Adin Ross going to North Korea to Kim Jong Un?

So what you think guys? Seems the founder of Stake.com and kick.com has suggested Adin Ross to go to Korea to negotiate and befriend Kim Jong Un, to get the return of the hacked 41$ million dollar lol!

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Latest activity: from Olliphant

Andrew Tate free from house arrest?

Just read the news that Andrew Tate won his court case and is free from house arrest!
Poor world :D. Now we got to listen again how this so to freed from matrix guy keeps talking about alpha men while
being hooked to social medias 24/7

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Latest activity: from Zweihander

Lena, Jason Luv, and Adam22

So I saw this.

Adam22: A Story of Humiliation or Blown out of all Proportion?

Considering that something like Janet Jackson’s “nipplegate” was enough to cause a scandal not too long ago, i wonder where we are heading these days.
And by we, I mean humanity.

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Latest activity: from EarlGreyHot

Twitch vs TikTok – short videos

So, Twitch is going down the TikTok route. Is this the right thing to do?

Twitch Set to Launch TikTok-Esque Feed

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Latest activity: from Lovelord

RIP Doyle

Tribute to Doyle Brunson

“When people say things are not as good as they used to be, this usually can be translated as things were much better as I remember them when I was young and full of enthusiasm.”

A very nice tribute to one of the greatest men who ever played the game.

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Latest activity: from Jusuf

Sportsbetting: Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

Who are you betting on? Im going all-in on Nate. Hes a legend.

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Latest activity: from KingKong

Roshtein back on Twitch!

How can Rosh be back on twitch even though he streams from Curacao licensed casino? Any ideas guys?

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Latest activity: from brady

Adin Ross banned – again

Did you hear about Adon Ross being banned again? Just a few days ago, he gave this crying apology about haveing watched deepfake porn. Now he goes live, and the first thing he does os stream porn. Stram porn to his aiudience. Dude, most of them are minors!
And also, apparently he streamed the Superbowl back on his own stream. Guess in the states, that’s gonna be a pretty sizeable law suit.

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Latest activity: from Gentleman

Alternatives to Twitch

Where the streamers at? As Ozzyman would say. With Twitch killing gmabling streams, and not everyone at Klick, is there a different platform where they stream now? What’s withthat new thing trainreck wants to start?

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Latest activity: from Ramon
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