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Roshtein back on Twitch!

How can Rosh be back on twitch even though he streams from Curacao licensed casino? Any ideas guys?

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Adin Ross banned – again

Did you hear about Adon Ross being banned again? Just a few days ago, he gave this crying apology about haveing watched deepfake porn. Now he goes live, and the first thing he does os stream porn. Stram porn to his aiudience. Dude, most of them are minors!
And also, apparently he streamed the Superbowl back on his own stream. Guess in the states, that’s gonna be a pretty sizeable law suit.

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Alternatives to Twitch

Where the streamers at? As Ozzyman would say. With Twitch killing gmabling streams, and not everyone at Klick, is there a different platform where they stream now? What’s withthat new thing trainreck wants to start?

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