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Can you increase the points of forum posts?

Hey Gambleboost.
Im very active in the forum and enjoy sharing and reading about tips and tricks etc. But I do feel we are not getting rewarded enough for our participation on the channel. Looking forward to your reply.

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Whats your gambling behaviour?

Hey guys,

i would be interested to hear about your gambling habits in Online Casinos

Do you just pay, pick the best game and go for it or what are your procedures?
I rarely give a game more than 100 spins. The bet always varies with me. I change the bet every few spins

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Anyones selling old slots?

if you have oldschool slots to sell, then please answer this thread !!!
I love trading and buying old slot machines. I even restored couple of them (am an electrician, so i guess that helps). if anyones interested, then please contact me. Always on the lookout on ebay for retros and antiques, even better when theyre collectibles.

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How did your gambling journey start?

See title. I am very interested in your story 🙂 How did you start gambling and why? I started because of a lad in our friend group. Actually we bonded over gambling 🙂

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let me introduce myself. I am g4mbl3, 36 years old, who are you?

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