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Whats your gambling behaviour?

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Casino Critic B&W
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Hey guys,

i would be interested to hear about your gambling habits in Online Casinos

Do you just pay, pick the best game and go for it or what are your procedures?
I rarely give a game more than 100 spins. The bet always varies with me. I change the bet every few spins

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Yup, seems about right. I also dont have set bets, why should i? one can always adjust it depending on the game. I have some favorite games that i quite frankly play all the time, only exception is when some slot gets hyped up, but again other than that i stick to my favorites. At about 100 spins i reconsider continuing, most times i switch the game and come back later 🙂

Game Enthusiast B&W
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100 spins max as well. Usually I deposit 20euro, and do 0.25 or 0.50 cent spins. Then quit if I lose.

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