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Whats your favorite Casino movie of all time?

Just curious on what gambling movies you like the most 🙂

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Blacklisted casinos

Came across this list and thought would be useful to share it.
List is as following:
Rome Casino
Vegas Hero
Osiris Casino
Casino Gods
City Club Casino
Cool Cat Casino
Ducky Luck Casino
Fiz Casino
Funbet Casino
Spinit Casino
Indio Casino
Casino and Friends

Any other casinos that I should be careful of?

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What is the difference between stock trading and gambling in a casino?

Stock trading is typically based on analysis, research, and informed decision-making. Traders often rely on factors such as company performance, market trends, and economic indicators to make investment decisions. In contrast, gambling in a casino is primarily based on chance and luck, with outcomes determined by random events such as dice rolls or card draws. How does stock trading differ from gambling in terms of decision-making processes and factors considered?

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Online Casino Recommendations?

Could you recommend a reliable casino forum? I’m looking for a platform where I can discuss gambling experiences, share insights, and stay updated on the latest trends and offers. If you have any suggestions or personal recommendations, I would greatly appreciate your guidance in finding the perfect forum to enhance my casino experience, Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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How to deposit with credit card on stake.com?

Hey guys!
Ive been trying to figure out how I could deposit with VISA or Mastercard on stake.com. Any ideas?
Ive googled and seen people claiming u can deposit with visa/mastercard/google play etc etc. But I only
see crypto via moonpay as an option on their website?! Help would be appreciated!

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Latest activity: from Wayofthegun

Future of online casinos using AI (artificial intelligence)

Does anyone have any updates or ideas of what AI will be doing with online casinos in the future?
You know if any casinos are fully driven by AI yet? I know betandplay uses AI for their customer service completely.
So far it seems emotionless and tidious. But maybe the bots will get more intelligent in future?

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xQc’s latest Slots Win Causes Major Controversy

I call it fake AF what do you guys think?

Read more: https://www.gambleboost.com/casino-news/xqc-won-half-a-million-dollars-causes-major-controversy/
Video: https://arazu.io/t3_15sakzv/?timeframe=all&category=new

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BetandPlay – now new on GambleBoost.

Our latest new partner on GambleBoost ist BetandPlay Casino – a modern place with a weakness four Welcome Bonuses. and Free Spins

Check it out and tell us what you think.

BetandPlay Casino

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Greatwin Casino

Anyone tried Greatwin Casino No Deposit Bonus?

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Latest activity: from MysteriousMeow

Viggoslots Casino

What is your viggoslot’s experiences? Thinking of doing a small depo

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How Much Money Can You Win Gambling Without Paying Taxes

All wins from gambling should be reported in a player’s tax returns. As explained by the IRS, the full amount of gambling winnings should be reported on line 21, Form 1040.

However, that is not all as when operators hand out bigger prizes, they would provide players with an additional form to fill out. Form W-2G is handed to players who win more than $600 from gambling. This sum upon which a player is required to fill in a form W-2G may vary depending on the gambling vertical.

In addition, for extremely lucky players who win more than $5,000 from gambling, the operator may withhold 28% of the money for Federal income tax. In case players failed to provide the operator with their Social Security number, the money withheld will actually be 31% of the total winnings.

While players cannot really legally win money from gambling without paying taxes, they can optimize their earnings by deducing losses.

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Lets discuss crypto casinos!

Im a long time holder of crypto and thinking of playing with some crypto. Any suggestions on casinos offering crypto?

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Endboss Casinos

Which one is the online casino with best reviews or top rated online casino in your opinion. Let’s start the discussion!

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Latest activity: from FacePunch

any suggestions?

any recommendations for ocs? like ignition casino or casino brango?

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Latest activity: from Wonderkid

Anyones playing at orion stars?

Whats your opinion about orion stars? i have to say that im not convinced yet..

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