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Personal slot challenge

I saw these 1000 spins videos in the game reviews here, and I’m taking you up. I will start playing slots for a certain amount of spins and then post the results here.
Let’s see where this goes. My idea is to go in with €1k and 1€ a spin for 200 spins. First test run coming up: 200 rounds with Razor Shark on lapalingo.

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Slot Strategy

When I play, I initially bet the minimum amount to gauge the game’s payout. If I receive some small winnings but no big hits, I conclude that the game is not “cold” and gradually increase my bets. This strategy can result in substantial payouts if I hit good reels or bonuses, but also carries a risk of losing a large portion of my bankroll or going broke if I don’t stop in time. It’s a modified version of the martingale strategy for slot games.

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