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Is there something else than French Roulette?

Often when i read something about Roulette, it’s referred to as French Roulette. I’ve also seen the term European Roulette. Is there a difference?

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You like my strategy? 100% profit.

So I have a very basic strategy for roulette. But I always go home with a win. Sometimes big sometimes super small :D.
SO here it goes.
I bring a sat amount to roulette everytime. And I only bet on red.
I have 1000dollar with me
I start 100 dollar on red, if I win, I quit
If I lose, I bet 200 on red, if I win, I quit
If I lose, I bet 400 on red, if I win, I quit
If I lose, I bet 300 and If I lose that one I leave.
But so far I always went home with profit.

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1000$ with 5$ stake?

Okay, let’s say we have a lucky day and get 6 7 8 colors right. Our initial stake would be 5$, if you would double it each time, at some point you would easily get over 1000$. Anyone’s done that before in one run? Usually I play at very low stakes, so that would be a first for me

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Can you play Roulette professionally?

So, I hear that because of the house edge, in the long run, the house always wins. However, I’ve read blogs and stories about people who say they can beat Roulette and make a living. I think mostly through “Kesselgucken”. Now I wanna know if this is possible. Have you ever heard of someone who can win at Roulette in the long run?
PS: I knwo all the systems and that they don’t work, so i don’t believe in these.

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