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Hey guys, whats your favorite Provider? I personally really like Hacksaw Gaming, the variety of Games there is pretty nice and they can pay a lot aswell. For example, ive never hit more than a 1000x on a PlayNGo, on Hacksaw ive had several of 1000x+, my currently best one was 6200x in Wanted Dead or a Wild. I really like Hacksaw and would suggest it to everyone because it seems it has a really good payout chance 🙂

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I’m gonna say Pragmatic Play deliver solid games on a regular basis. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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Yggdrasil any day of the week. When I discovered the name, I found it very compelling. Apparently, it goes back to Nordic mythology, and their games often have these fantasy features and great graphics that I really enjoy.

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have to agree @thomas.tiv for years they create the best slots, good rtps, perfect graphics.. appreciate their effort and attention to detail

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Just won a 380 Euro pot on Dragon Tribe, so, No Limit City is now my new favourite.

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lol good one, would be my new favorite too 😉 so ill say anything that pays good 😛 but generally speaking would have to say pragmatic play as well. They have everything, no matter if normal slots, drops and wins, live casino. even discovered some virtual sports recently, its really fun.

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