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Fire Hopper

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Push Gaming
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Unconventional and unique yet soothing and tranquil. There are many ways we could explain this slot title, but this was the first thing our slot experts reported back after playing the innovative slot Fire Hopper. A small pond with various plants as regular symbols will perhaps lead some down memory lane as they enjoy a walk in the park. Unlike the majority of slots, wins here are not formed from left to right. Instead, they are triggered in clusters of at least five symbols. Push Gaming really brought their A game with this one. Fire Hopper hit the market on November 30, 2021, and it has been proven to be very popular among slot enthusiasts.

GambleBoost Review

  • Maximum jackpot exposure is 50,000x the initial wager
  • Cluster Pays system with multipliers
  • Above-average RTP rate
  • Suitable bet ranges
  • Autoplay available
  • Complex gameplay for beginners
  • Low payouts for clusters of 5 symbols


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Free Spins Instant Prizes Progressive Multipliers Cascading Wins Leaping Frog Bonus Buy

Free Spins and Bonus Features

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Fire Hopper is packed with features, so players really need to be on their toes when playing this slot. The Cluster Pays system means that the identical symbols must touch horizontally or vertically to trigger a win. 

When playing for real money, the minimum bet that players can set is €0.10. On the other hand, the maximum bet is €50. There are six regular symbols, and their payouts are the following: 

– Blue flower – 25x your bet 

– Green flower – 25x your bet 

– Purple flower – 25x your bet 

– Pink flower  – 50x your bet 

– Orange flower – 100x your bet 

– Red flower – 200x your bet.

These payouts are won if players trigger a win with a cluster of over 20 identical symbols. Apart from the regular symbols, Fire Hopper features a few special symbols – Wild, Firefly, Bonus Firefly, Frog, and Instant Prize. Most of these symbols trigger the bonus features, explained below. 


Wild Symbol – Fire Hopper has two Wild symbols – the gold and green frog. Both of them substitute regular symbols and help you form wins. Wild symbols also have a multiplier, and it increases by one every time a leap occurs in the Leaping Frog feature. 

Firefly and Bonus Firefly – Both the Firefly and the Bonus Firefly symbols are non-paying. However, when they land on the reels along with the green frog Wild, they trigger the Leaping Frog mode. If the Bonus Firefly triggers the mode, it is collected on the Bonus UI. 

Leaping Frog – Leaping Frog is triggered when a frog symbol lands with one of the three following symbols: Firefly, Bonus Firefly, or Instant Prize. During this mode, the multiplier value of the Wild symbols increases with each leap. 

Instant Prize Symbol – Instant Prize symbols have random multipliers on them. Players win these rewards if frog symbols leap on the Instant Prize symbols. The multiplier values of the Instant Prize symbols vary between x1 and x1,000. 

Free Spins – When frogs collect Bonus Firefly symbols, players will win free spins. The maximum amount that they can win is seven. 

Cascading Wins – Fire Hopper features the well-known cascading wins system. Every time a win occurs, winning symbols disappear, and new symbols take their place. This is how players can form multiple consecutive wins. 

Bonus Buy – Players have the chance to purchase the free games mode. To do so, they must press the Bonus Buy button. This is the star button at the bottom of the screen. 


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Fire Hopper by Push Gaming is a highly volatile slot. This could be seen as a negative, but it does mean players have the potential to land a significant win. After all, the maximum jackpot exposure in this game is 50,000x your initial wager. However, these types of payouts are rare, so please keep this in mind.

The game’s RTP is 96.30%. When you use the Bonus Buy feature, the RTP increases to 96.38%. When playing for real money, the minimum bet that you can set is €0.10, and the maximum is €50.

Mobile Version

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Fire Hopper meets all industry standards in terms of mobile gaming. This title utilizes the latest HTML5 technology. Its gameplay and visual effects do not differ, regardless if you’re playing on an Android or an iOS device. The one thing to make sure is that your connection to the internet is stable.

First Impression

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The game’s aesthetics really caught our eye, and the quirkiness of the game is one of the reasons why players will find themselves being lured to this slot title. The way to form wins is unlike most slots. This game features the Cluster Pays system. Additionally, the colors and theme are very soothing. Since there are plenty of bonus features, players will remain on their toes as they can trigger any of them at any given moment. 


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Fire Hopper’s theme is quite unique. Even though it is simple, it manages to leave a fantastic impression on players. The background features a small pond where the water is in a gentle stream resulting in a soothing effect. Symbols are synonymous with the theme and might remind some of their playful youth.


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The gameplay of Fire Hopper is extremely dynamic. Each time you form a win, winning symbols disappear and new ones appear. They, too, can form winning combinations as well. The several bonus features will make the general experience even more entertaining. However, make sure that you read all the information related to these features. That’s how you will master the gameplay easier. 


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In terms of the overall design of Fire Hopper, this title deserves a lot of praise. Players can clearly see that Push Gaming devoted a lot of attention to the smallest details. The main grid is at the center of the screen, and all of the buttons are at the bottom. Players will have no issue navigating through the paytable, bet range buttons, sounds, etc. 


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The audio for this slot title is extremely relaxing and soothing, fitting the theme perfectly. Players will hear various birds chirping in the distance. The spinning reels have a bubbly water sound to them. Special sounds also pop up when players form a win or trigger a bonus feature. 


At GambleBoost, we receive questions regarding slot games on a daily basis. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding the slot Fire Hooper:

How many paylines does Fire Hopper feature? 

Fire Hopper does not have any paylines. Instead, this game uses the Cluster Pays system. Players form wins by landing five or more identical symbols that touch horizontally and vertically. 

What is the maximum jackpot payout of Fire Hopper? 

Fire Hopper has a pretty high maximum exposure of its jackpot. Players can win up to 50,000x of their initial wager. 

Does Fire Hopper feature Scatter symbols? 

No, there aren’t any Scatter symbols in Fire Hopper. That doesn’t mean that a free spins mode is not available. On the contrary, players can win seven free spins in this slot. 

What is the volatility and RTP rate of Fire Hopper? 

The volatility rate of Fire Hopper is high. The standard RTP is 96.30%, which is slightly above the average. When using the Bonus Buy mode, the RTP of this game increases to 96.38%. 

Is Fire Hopper mobile-friendly? 

Yes, Fire Hopper is a mobile-friendly game. You can play it on any Android and iOS smartphone or tablet without interruption. There’s just one thing to make sure of, and that’s you have a stable connection to the internet. 


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