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recipes anyone?

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Okay, i am absolutely bored.

Any food or recipe recommendations ?

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Okay, how do you feel about cooking up some pasta? Easiest choice ever

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Pasta is obviously always an option. If you have some time, try making your own tomato sauce. BAsically, all it needs is plenty of time and some delicious manzanas.

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When you play, finger food is the top choice. I like to prepare my favourite burger. Here are a few tips. Don’t just use beef, add 20% grround pork for to make the patty extra juicy. Also, one onion ring, cheddar cheese to melt on the patty while it’s still in the pan, pickles (yes!), and sauce. If you want to make your own burger sauce, just mix ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. Done. I always add chili for some zing. Also, insider tip: Instead of using burger buns, I like to go with toast, even multigrain. Gives it more taste. Good game everyone!

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Love this thread ! 😀 I always play on weekends at night so i dont get to order anything as restaurants are already closed by that time. Usually its just some french fries from the freezer 😀

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I have an Italian aunt, and this is how she makes a pizza sauce. You can get your doe from the shop.
– 1 can of tomatoes
– tomato juice
– white wine
– Italian herbs basil, oregano
– chili
1. mix all and bring to the boil.
2. simmer for at least an hour
3. add salt and pepper to taste, also some chili
4. roll your doe and spread the sauce
5. Add some cheese and whatever you like
6. Put your oven on the highest possible temperature. Italian ovens are 400 degrees, so don’t worry, you won’t get there
7. Put in the oven for a few minutes depending on heat and oven
8. Take pizza out of the oven
9. Burn your tongue because it’s freaking hot
10. Realize that you put way too much chili, drink a glass of milk and call pizza delivery.

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Nice ones guys! Totally agree with qwertz, fingerfood is my top choice when playing. Thats why i would like to add to this italian inspired thread my favourite starter of all time: bruschetta. A nice fresh toasted bruschetta is an absolute dream.
Unfortunately this wont be enough for supper 😀 so keep the ideas coming 😀

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I recommend a Polish soup called “zalewajka”:

500-700 ml of sour soup
6 medium potatoes
30 dkg of fresh forest mushrooms (chanterelles, boletes, butter mushrooms, boletes)
1 medium onion
2 cloves
20 grams of smoked bacon
9 glasses of water
3 tablespoons cream (18% thick and sour cream)
2 teaspoons of salt
2 bay leaves
4 grains of allspice
1-2 teaspoons of marjoram
salt, pepper (black and herbal) to taste

1. Clean the mushrooms from sand, wash them under running water, cut them into small pieces.
Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes, pour water (9 cups), add sliced ​​mushrooms, onion (peeled and cut in half), bay leaves, allspice and salt with 2 teaspoons of salt.
Bring to a boil, then simmer, covered, until the potatoes are tender.
Remove the cooked onion from the soup.
Add thoroughly mixed sour rye soup to the pot, first add 500 ml of sour soup, if the soup is not very acidic, add the remaining one.
Add sour cream, marjoram, garlic (cut in half), bring the soup to a boil, remove from heat, leave covered for a few minutes.
Season the soup with salt and pepper.
Before serving, add a tablespoon of greaves prepared from smoked bacon to each bowl of soup.

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My favourite recipe is a Tarantino film and a bag of crisps.

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My best recipe: Having no life, but a good internet connection. Bottle of wine helps, too.

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